Young man looses his brother to cardiac arrest

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A Nigerian online personnel by name Idemili Kenny lost his elder brother (name withheld) to cardiac arrest in the early hours of Thursday 14th May, 2020. Kenny took to his Facebook portal to write;

Midnight 14th of May, 2020,
I was stuck in the middle of the Niger Bridge with the lifeless corpse of my older bro getting high with some random Niger-Deltans.
We lost him early in the morning to cardiac arrest.
It was a rather busy and tiresome day for myself and my family.
I mean, waking up to 37 missed calls in a space of five mins means one thing- shit has hit the fan.
so I left my place as early as 6am because the fam needed the attention of a close relative.

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After a few phone calls
The fam decided to move his body to the East asap. We had to drive through more than 90 military posts & checkpoints to get home because of the current lockdown
On our way, we got stuck because of the lockdown curfew around 8pm on the Niger Bridge. So, we spent the night right there, on the damned bridge, my man.
It was a moonless windy night
And the sky waz lit with stars
It was simply stunning. the sight was just breathless.
A few other drivers were stuck at that same spot with us, so, we just formed a small group to talk and smoke.
We had to drive back to the Lag as soon as the casket was covered with soil.

I just wanna say a tribute here to my big bro Bishop Idemili and father figure in Lagos.
Like damn. I knew it was coming but not this fast man.
Dude was a total badass back in the days. lol
He was the kind of brother that whenever you go out and fight and lose the fight you dare not come back home
He was a ‘strong man’
RIP bro.
It’s a debt we’ll all live to pay.
ps – pls no calls. texts will be preferred tnx)

Our thoughts are with you and your family.

Cc: Facebook

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