Wife bites off husband’s pen!s after a fight in Imo State

A 25 year old woman has been arrested for biting off her husband’s penis while he was asleep.
The incident happened after they had a fight, and anxious neighbours came to separate them in their home in Umuofuga Umuhu, Imo State.

A cousin to the victim, Udochukwu Nwimo, while narrating what transpired, said trouble started when the woman’s ex boyfriend came home to take her out on a motorcycle and brought her back late in the dead of night.

Immediately she stepped in, her husband, who was angry about what happened, queried her and that they started a fight. Udochukwu said that some concerned neighbours came over and separated them.

However, in the dark , there was a loud shout that woke the neighbours, only to discover that the woman had bitten off her husbands penis while he was asleep.

According to the cousin, the man’s manhood was deeply cut and may be damaged forever.

It was alleged that the lady may be a drug addict and was always fighting with her husband. Further reports said that the woman was apparently a drug addict.

Three days before the incident, the mother-of-three had flogged her husband mercilessly with a stick. the woman was later handed over to the police, who confirmed that she also sustained several bites with a deep cut on her breast.

The spokesman of the Imo State Police Command, Orlando Ikeokwu, who confirmed the incident, said the husband later insisted that it had been a domestic matter which they do not want the police involved, so they handed off the matter.

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