Who is Donnie Parbloh

Who is Donnie Parbloh?

Donnie Parbloh , popularly known as Bad parbloh is a Nigerian Rapper /singer /Actor who blends traditional African elements with global mainstream Rap / pop for a sound that’s equal parts intriguing and infectious. Been a determined Lil teen right from age due to the life living in his background .

Who is Donnie Parbloh

Donnie born as Edobor Divine Osas in Jos, Nigeria, in 2000. His interest in music began while attending Government College Ibadan in his late teens, and he started making freestyles in beats gotten from youtube and free beats sites  and also was making skits with friends for fun .

As a Ui UX Designer he saved money for few studio Sessions in 2021 after a year Of no admission for his songs and that was how Donnie Parbloh came About .

Donnie loves swimming, writing Hit songs and socializing

Instagram: @badparbloh
YouTube:  Donnie Edobor
Facebook: Donnie Parbloh

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