Wedding called off

Wedding called off in Abuja after bride told groom that she’s 5 months pregnant for another man

A Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to reveal that a wedding slated for today, November 20, in Abuja has been called off after the bride casually told her groom that she’s 5 months pregnant for another man.

According to the Twitter user with handle @salttybarber, the ex-couple were waiting until marriage to have coitus before the bridegroom dropped the jaw-dropper about being pregnant for someone else.

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He wrote,
“ Today there’s supposed to be a wedding, but it has been canceled because a girl that told her fiance they should wait after marriage is 5 months pregnant for one Hausa boy and waited for her traditional rites to be performed and church wedding fixed, things for the wedding bought and every arrangement for the wedding made, before she told her fiance that she’s 5 months pregnant. The guy has not touched her for 2 years now because she said maybe the guy came to her just to have sex, then the guy said after
. marriage and this horny witch agreed …
On Tuesday, she just casually told this guy that she’s 5 months pregnant, after everything for her church wedding has been bought. I can’t write everything here shaa, but she just damaged a good guy and destroyed his trust for ladies. She stays at Mararaba and the guy Abuja.”

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