UPDATE: Leonel Tchaps and Tega Tony didn’t run mad

Following the widely spread report that the boyfriend of the lady who received wads of Naira notes concealed in a designer bag as her birthday present , ran mad after not meeting the “demands of the gods”, it’s been brought to our attention that that news is fake .

Tega Tony girlfriend | www.exoticempire.com.ng
Some videos have currently been serving rounds on social media which purportedly shows the gentleman —who made the quite romantic gesture to his girlfriend on her birthday in the viral video— naked in public with mobs surrounding him.

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Following a proper investigation, we got to discover that the gentleman in the viral naked video and the man in the other viral birthday video are literally two different people with the former being a Cameroonian national.

Tega Tony and his girlfriend | www.exoticempire.com.ng

It was gathered that as a result of their resemblance, deceitful people quickly merged both videos together to portray the romantic gentleman as a ritualist whose woe finally came to him after living a lavish lifestyle emanating from blood money.

We’ve however gathered the identity of two gentlemen — the Nigerian identified as Tega Tony and the Cameroonian identified as Leonel Tchap.

Leonel Tchaps | www.exoticempire.com.ng
Leonel Tchap. (The cameroonian guy)

Tega Tony is truly a sane Nigerian man who was contacted and he told of the misperception about him being Leonel Tchap. The latter however (the cameroonian guy), in line with reports, isn’t actually a ritualist but a victim of drug abuse and therefore the embarrassing effect was what had him naked in the viral video.

It’s also reported that the girlfriend of Leonel Tchap came out to refute the reports of her boyfriend being a ritualist but alleged that it was his friends who set him up because they were jealous of his success.

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