Tope Alabi's daughter , Ayomikun

Tope Alabi’s daughter , Ayomikun reacts after man claims he is her biological father

  • Man claims he is Tope Alabi’s daughter biological Father

Nigerian Gospel Singer Tope Alabi’s daughter, Ayomikun, has reacted claims by Mayegun Olaoye, of being her biological father.

According to Tope Alabi’s daughter ,  Ayomikun in a recent interview with Punch, the only father she knows is her mother’s husband, Soji Alabi.

She said;

“I will always know that my father is Soji Alabi. I do not know any other person and I have never met any other man. I cannot blatantly deny him because I have heard about him but I have never had anything to do with this man,”

“My mother never blocked the avenues for us to see. My mother even tried for me to have a relationship with him. I remember when I was about 15 years old, she used to Tell me about him but he never tried to reach out to me.”

“I cannot bear his surname. How can I bear the surname of someone that I have never met? There is no sense in that. I do not even know his surname. How can I bear the name of someone I have never met?” she added.

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“God knows my real father and everyone knows who my real father is. I did not know this man when I was in crèche, daycare, primary, secondary, or during my university days. I graduated and did not get a congratulatory message; absolutely anything from him.

“So, there is no much story to tell. It is just a story about an irresponsible father and he is trying to cut every relationship he could ever build with his so-called daughter. I genuinely do not know why he is coming out after 22 years.”

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