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#BBNaija: “Kiddwaya is a One Minute Man” – Erica


Big Brother Naija ‘lockdown’ housemate, Erica, recently joked about the quantity of time Kiddwaya spends when it comes to ”aggresive cuddling”, saying he’s a one minute man.

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It all began when Erica and Kiddwaya were seen making out in the kitchen and fellow housemate Neo told them to move to the room to continue their love affair.

Erica and Kiddwaya

Kiddwaya then responded by carrying Erica from the Kitchen, shouted saying he’s taking her to bed to make 5 babies together.

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Kiddwaya picks Erica as the girl he likes; Kisses her

The housemates laughed and Dora cautioned Kidd that his father was watching him from home. After a short while, Erica returned back to the kitchen and Dora playfully asked her if she was done making the 5 babies with Kidd.

Dorothy and Erica

She jokingly replied, “Kidd is a one minute man”. Her comment got all the housemates laughing hysterically.

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#BBNaija:I can’t date someone like you – Erica tells Kiddwaya

Big Brother Naija: Lockdown housemates, Kiddwaya and Erica are teasing fans with the likelihood of a relationship between the both of them.

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Billionaire heir, Kiddwaya, who is one among the most handsome and eligible men in the house and Erica, a stunning looking and also considered to be one among the most beautiful girl in the house have engaged in relationship-based conversations which has people glued to their to TV screens.

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On Wednesday night, Erica, during a conversation with Laycon, told him she thinks a relationship between herself and Kiddwaya won’t become reality because she noticed Kiddwaya seems to entertain other female housemates.
She also disclosed to the singer that Kiddwaya doesn’t seem to take her serious. Erica expressing worry, told Laycon that she wants a serious partner because she’s 26 years old and desires a serious commitment from her man.
In her words,

“if you are blind folded, will you still be attracted to your partner”?

Laycon however, advised her to remain focused and even have a proper conversation with Kiddwaya. After her conversation with Laycon, she moved to Kiddwaya’s side and had a talk with him.

The subject of their discussion centred on how she feels he’s not being serious with her and the way he has been flirting with other female housemates.

She said, “I can’t date someone such as you . You’re going to give me High blood pressure”.

Replying her, Kiddwaya said; “I’m just vibes, I have different intimacy with different girls but am serious about you no jokes”.