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“Did she release another single” Reactions as Former Adult Star,Mia Khalifa trends on Twitter

Former adult star Mia Khalifa is currently trending on micro-blogging site Twitter as people are making fun of her former profession.

Months ago, Khalifa was seen challenging her former company claiming that the firm used her to make money.

She is criticized for creating only fans page and offering a subscription fee of $11.

In the past, she spoke ill about the adult industry.

Below are what people are saying on Twitter;

Lady in ER after her dog allegedly tore her vag!na while giving her head

A lady has taken to Twitter to share a really bizarre story of how a lady was rushed to the emergency room after her dog allegedly tore her vagina.

According to her, she got the information from her friend at the emergency room (ER).

It was alleged that the patient makes her dog perform cunnilingus on her occasionally, but on this unfortunate day, she was forcing the dog to go faster when it tore her skin.

The twitter user with handle @missy_onix wrote,

“Y’all my friend at the ER said they rushed a lady in cause her dog tore her vagina. Apparently she makes the dog eat her out occasionally and was pushing the dog to eat her harder when he tore off her skin.”

Other twitter users have expressed their shock and irritation at the story.

Girl receives surprise slap instead of surprise gift


A lady , @DoyinSoExtra has taken to her social media account to narrate how her ‘friend’s friend’ received a packaged surprise slap from an anonymous lady as a result of a man.
Apparently, the woman who was slapped had given out her residential information and when she went outside to meet the disguised dispatch rider, a lady showed up and gave her a dirty slap because of ”boyfriend issues”.

Nigerian music video director, Akorede recalls how his dad was killed

Read her narration below ;

Oh! My friend’s friend chopped slap today because they called her on phone that anon sent her a gift that she should send her address, she went outside to meet dispatch rider and another girl slapped her due to boyfriend issues.

I’m not even joking!!!!

She sent address because the person said anon wanted it to be a surprise and she cant know who the person is, she definitely didn’t see that coming, nobody would!

Awoof dey run belle o

This actually happened for real no jokes, i heard she has involved the Police in this issue.

Hopefully they take the case up fuly because this anonymous girl actually brought her people to beat slap and intimidate her because of man?!

The fact that she lives in an estate and she had to call estate security to let the disguised anonymous is the creepiest, what if they came to kill her or something.

Stay Safe yall.

Cc: Twitter

Lady marries a Man she was hooked up with by her friend


A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to offer the narrative of how she hooked her friend up with the person she eventually married.

According to the Twitter user, @rachelotowo and screenshots of the DM she shared along with her friend, she’d set up her friend with the person and jokingly asked that they invite her to their wedding.

An Igbo man will never abandone a lady  – Twitter lady

Her statement eventually came to pass as her friend and the gentleman she hooked him up with, got married and an excited Rachel took to social media to share how she was the plug for the couple’s happily ever after.

Chuchu @rachelotowo screenshot | www.exoticempireng.com.ng

Sharing photos of her conversation along with her friend and a photograph of the couple… Rachel wrote,

I called the shots.
For clarity. I did not shoot my shot at him, I hooked him up with a friend. I’m not sure what suggests the former tbh.

Her tweet has since gone viral on social media with a great deal of individuals begging her to be the channel of blessing that’ll give them their happily ever after.

Cc: Twitter

Panic over white substance seen at Anthony village in Lagos

Residents at Anthony Village, Lagos, awakened to ascertain a white foamy substance taking up their community and a few have taken to social media to cry out for help. 

Nigeria confirms first case of Coronavirus in Lagos

Twitter user, Tosin Obembe who shared the video, wrote ;

This is some kind of reaction surging from the bottom happening in Anthony Villa . Please does anyone know what it’s . If it’s dangerous so everyone can stay away from it.

Anthony village Lagos  | www.exoticempire.com.ng
We trying to not have human contact with it , but it’s blocking every path within the Estate. This is happening at Anthony Village.

Tosin Obembe - Anthony village  | www.exoticempire.com.ng

Recall some months ago Tragedy struck on a Wednesday as pupils  killed at the same time as two others sustained extreme injuries whilst  an overhead water tank fell inside their class room in Royal Kings Foundation nursery and primarycollege, Nkpor-Agu in Idemili North local government area of Anambra State.

According to findings, the casualties , 3 boys and a girl have been right away rushed to the health facility where of them, aged 2 and 3, were confirmed lifeless.

Spokesperson of the nation police command, SP Haruna Mohammed, who showed the incident, stated that the tank of approximately 800 gallons ability packed with water reportedly fell from its high stand from a neighbouring house adjacent to the college at the roof of the pre-nursery elegance  and at once into the lecture room.

“At about 11:15am, an overhead Tank packed with water fell into a study room of Royal Kings Foundation nursery and number one college  Nkpor-Agu in Idemili North LGA of Anambra State,” the declaration reads.

“Police patrol crew led with the aid of DPO Ogidi Division CSP Mark Ijarafu rushed to the scene. On arrival it was observed that the overhead tank of about 800 gallons abilityfull of water fell from its excessive stand from a neighbouring house adjoining to the facultyon the roof of the pre-nursery magnificence and directly into the class room.

Read full story here  

Cc: Twitter

Pregnant lady chops off her husband’s penis – @drpenking


A pregnant lady who had a “little fight” with her husband today July 1, has apparently cut off his penis,  @drpenking shares.

Pregnant lady cuts off her husbands penis | www.exoticempire.com.ng

As indicated by @drpenking, the pregnant woman chopped off her better half’s penis following a physical quarrel. The specialist repeated that aggressive behavior at home goes the two different ways.

Lady’s breast decays after paying N1.65m to Dr Anu for breast surgery

@drpenking tweet read ;


An 8 month pregnant wife had a little quarrel with her husband this morning which got physical. She grabbed a kitchen knife and amputated the man’s penis. When next you want to advocate against domestic violence, remember that it can be both ways. (Viewers Discretion Advised)

Recall last month a Nigerian woman, distinguished basically as, “Vivian” was discovered dead in her house, on fifteenth of June 2020… and conditions encompassing her passing is very scrappy.

The episode occurred at Summit Junction, Near Govt. House in Asaba.

As indicated by Vivian’s companions, the deceased was apparently cut to death around three days back, and she was left to decay.

Vivian’s are currently pointing fingers at her lover, guaranteeing Vivian was wounded by her lesbian sweetheart.

As per the significance flying round.. Vivian’s darling is the stud (spitfire) in their lesbian relationship, and she (the stud) was purportedly discovered laying down with a Man.

It’s assembled that her sweetheart, the stud, over the fear that Vivian may uncover her for ‘laying down with a Man’ and most likely demolishing her ‘stud’ notoriety, wounded her to death while she was sleeping, at that point secured her with a bit of material and afterward carried off a portion of her significant things. She at that point proceeded to call Vivian’s mom to reveal to her that Vivian had travelled.

Lesbian asaba | www.exoticempire.com.ng

It was not until days after the fact when inhabitants started to see foul smell and the get-together of creepy crawlies that they realized something was wrong and afterward they allured on their proprietor.

It was uncovered that the stud had fled to Enugu yet was inevitably captured and is as of now in police care.

Cc: Twitter

Lady’s breast decays after paying N1.65m to Dr Anu for breast surgery

In another scene of plastic medical procedure turned out badly, a woman has been left in extreme pain and a tragedic outcome after spending a huge amount to Dr Anu to fix her boobs.

Shockingly, the plastic specialist who worked on her is purportedly quack specialist, Anu Med Contour who has been gotten out ordinarily for taking gigantic total of cash from women to improve their body parts just to leave them with perilous outcomes.

Around two months after internet based life influencer, Omohtee uncovered how she fights for her life after she experienced a body alteration medical procedure with same Anu Med form, which turned out badly, another woman has now been left with a similar destiny.

This will be the best melody you’d tune in to today: Merity-Mama

A Twitter client @BROWNIE__XX took to her page to share a video of the realistic outcome of the woman’s chests after she experienced medical procedure, supposedly with a similar Anu Med Contour who as per reports, her facility had been closed down.

In the video, the harmed woman gives the story of how after she began having entanglements following her medical procedure, she reached Dr Anu, who continued giving her infusions yet the confusions persevered.

@BROWNIE__XX who shared the video cautioned women to abstain from going to Dr Anu for anyone upgrade medical procedure… She composed,

If it’s not too much trouble quit going to Doctor Anu Med Contour for anyone Enhancement Surgery or any Surgery whatsoever!! This woman is in such a great amount of torment in the wake of burning through 1,650,000 to complete her boobs! Keep away from Med Contour

Watch the real video here



If it’s not too much trouble quit going to Doctor Anu Med Contour for anyone Enhancement Surgery or any Surgery whatsoever!! This woman is in such a great amount of torment in the wake of burning through 1,650,000 to complete her boobs! Keep away from Med Contour

View tweet here


#NigeriansMustFall trends in South Africa after video of South African lady stripping and twerking for Nigerian men becomes a web sensation

The hashtag, #NigeriansMustFall is presently the number 1 inclining theme on Twitter as of this second.

#NigeriansMustFall | www.exoticempire.com.ng

Some South African citizens are calling for Nigerian citizens to leave their nation after a video showing a lady, confirmed to be South Africa, twerking for some Nigerian men turned into a web sensation.

Ghanaian nurse who twerked in uniform is wanted (video)

South Africans are utilizing the hashtags #NigeriansMustFall and #NigeriansMustGo to get out Nigerians as they additionally reprimand them for the decay in their general public.

Zambian lady twerking with a bottle stuck in her v*gina(video)

In the video that is sending out shock, a woman is seen pulling down her jeans to twerk for some Nigerian men. The woman twerking is likewise seen with lipstick between her butt cheeks as she moved for the men who can be heard communicating in Yoruba.

This will be the best tune you’d tune in to today: Merity-Mama

Responding to the video, some South Africans blamed Nigerians for various things, including medicating and assaulting their ladies. In any event, when some of them even brought up that the lady doesn’t seem as though she had to twerk, others shut them down and expressed that, regardless of whether she wasn’t constrained, she most likely more likely than not been tranquilized.

Lady, Nikki FeFe gets paid N200,000 for her services

Some other South Africans went to the guard of Nigerians and blamed their compatriots for xenophobia. They brought up that femicide is on the ascent as South African men slaughter their ladies and pull off it. Yet, those individuals were likewise closed down as South Africans passed the fault to Nigerians.

Nigerian Twitter clients have advised Nigerians dwelling in South Africa to be cautious as the hashtag could snowball into brutality. The following is the video that made shock and responses it,

Future Pepsi Ambassador


South Africans.

Is this the young lady you guarantee she had to hit the dance floor with lip gleam in the middle of her rear end cheeks?

Where’s the compulsion here?

So #NigeriansMustFall Really?

Cc: Twitter

“You are the next to be raped” -Nigerian guy tells a Lady

A Nigerian man recognized as @Onitaiw90103522 on twitter has dropped an exceptionally uncaring remark on a lady ‘s photograph she shared on the web.

The Lady with handle @Ada_Zee_ took to twitter, shared her new photographs with caption:

Hi, June.

See her Photos Below:

While responding to the photographs, the twitter client with handle @Onitaiw90103522 answered saying:

You are the next to be raped

His remark and photograph is presently being flowed on twitter.

See his post below;

An young Man identified as Wasiu Bankole has been captured by the Ogun State Police Command for purportedly assaulting a 70-years old woman.

It was recorded that the accused broke into the home of his suspect at Abule lemode territory of ijoko at around 8 pm, nailed down the lady and assaulted her.

[Music] Kikis Briggs -Pause Ft Harrysong

It took the intercession of a neighbor who heard the lady’s shout and hurried in to spare the person in question. The suspect was said to have hopped off and fled leaving his garments, shoes and torchlight inside her room.

The episode apparently occurred on June 2.

After the incident, the lady revealed the episode at the Agbado Division of the State Police Command.

Affirming the occurrence, the Ogun State Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Abimbola Oyeyemi, said the issue was taken up after it was accounted for and the DPO Agbado division, SP Kuranga Yero, dispatched his investigators to search for the speculate and carry him to equity.

“The investigators prevailing with regards to getting him captured 24 hours after and carried him to the station.

On cross examination, he admitted perpetrating the lady however professed to have acted affected by liquor. The casualty has been taken to the emergency clinic for medical checkup.”

Oyeyemi included that the state police official has requested the exchange of the suspect to the counter human dealing and kid work unit of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID).

“In the interim, the magistrate of police CP Kenneth Ebrimson has requested the quick exchange of the suspect to the counter human dealing and youngster work unit of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID) Abeokuta for additional examination and tenacious arraignment”.

This post was first seen on Yabaleft

Lady disgraced after she shared photos from her graduation

A woman’s graduation photographs which she shared on her page, has earned her overwhelming reactions from clients of the application she shared the photographs on, Twitter.

The Twitter client, @LILJOSIEEVERT, who simply graduated with a Bachelor’s certificate in Business Marketing, shared photographs and a video from her graduation service.

Be that as it may, Twitter clients were not feeling the photographs as they took to disgracing her for her decision of graduation outfit. The lady, who uncovered she’s from Liberia, was hammered for wearing a scanty dress that uncovered more than it secured.

[Music] Mr-busy-_-Way

Meanwhile a couple who got married a very long time after meeting at a wedding where the two of them caught the fastener and the flower have become an internet sensation.

During wedding services, it’s accepted that the man who gets the lady’s strap at a wedding is close to be married and the lady who gets the lady of the day’s flower is additionally next to be married.

Despite the fact that this hasn’t generally been the situation, it anyway hasn’t halted the convention of tossing the supporter and bunch at weddings.

At a wedding that was hung on May 23, 2015, a man named Aramis Phillips got the tie while a lady named Candace got the bundle. They were outsiders up until that point yet became familiar a short time later.

They got married years after the event.

Candace took to her Twitter page on May 23, 2020, to stamp the fifth commemoration of the day the two of them met at a wedding. She uncovered that the two of them slid into one another’s DMs after the wedding and they’ve been together from that point forward.

They’ve currently been married for 8 months.

See their photos below;

This post was first seen on Yabaleft

An Igbo man will never abandone a lady ‘ – Twitter lady

A Nigerian woman on Twitter, has revealed that an Igbo man will never abandone a lady he got pregnant. Including that it isn’t in their DNA.

The lady with the handle, @Adaolis_awent stated that regardless that a woman isn’t the wife of the man. The Igbo man will in any case take care of the individual and the child.

“An Igbo man will never surrender a lady he got pregnant. It’s not in their DNA. And even if you’re a side chick, they will be there for you and take care of you and the baby.”, she tweeted.

This will be the best tune you’d listen to today: Mr Busy – Way – Click here

See her tweet beneath;

Cc: Twitter

Why Funke Akindele trended on twitter yesterday

Funke Akindele made it to top spot of the ‘Nigerian Twitter Trending ‘. After President Buhari’s Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari was buried yesterday in the wake of kicking the bucket from Coronavirus.

[Music] Prince Humble _ Yahoo.

This came after Nigerian Twitter users called attention that social distancing was not seen at the burial service. Of the late Chief of Staff.

[Music] Mr busy _ Way.

The Nigerian government was gotten out for an affirmed “bad faith”. Some reviewed how Funke Akindele was arrested for not praticing social distancing. At a local gathering she held for her husband,  JJC Skillz on his 43rd birthday. In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.

See screenshot below;

Funke Akindele trends on twitter | www.exoticempire.com.ng

Abba Kyari, the head of staff to Nigeria’s leader Muhammadu Buhari kicked the bucket from inconveniences identified with Covid-19 following an almost month-long fight with the infection.


Broadly viewed as one of the three most influential individuals in Africa’s biggest economy. Also said to have the total trust of Buhari. Some had even depicted him as the defacto leader of the administration on the grounds. That is in a nation where the administration holds an extreme measure of brought together force and government reserves. Choosing who approaches the president agrees tremendous force and impact. 

Also, even with a political culture overweighted in outsized consciences, Nigeria’s administration priests and state governors needed to figure out how to function by experiencing Kyari before getting to a definitive “oga”.


See what a Lady told her ” Crush ” on Twitter

A Crush has been left disappointed after sliding into his crush ’s DM. The social media user received a stunning reply from a lady whom he wished to have an intimate relationship with. He slid into her DM on Twitter and requested… the quantity of retweets it would take for him to get to the next level. She replied, however when the target was met, the girl was determined to give him a little financial advice.

[Music] Prince-humble-_-Yahoo

Super Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️@AfowDAfow

Hey Twitter I found her and ur Retweet’s needed. Just 500 Rt and I’m ingesting her work.

View tweet on twitter

According to the replies from the screenshots shared. The woman further inquired if he had a job, his monthly earnings and if he had a car.


When the lover boy stated he had no vehicle yet, the woman advised him to work harder, get a car and then come back again to ask her out.

See the conversations below ;


Meet @tillytate20 whose”Uncle” thought she will ‘award him with her virginity’

A Nigerian female has narrated her near sexual-abuse ride with an ‘Uncle’ she described as her mentor, confidante and friend. According to @tillytate20, this Uncle thinking she will ‘award him her virginity’ because he was the “kind of uncles mothers accepted of ”.

[Music] Mr Busy_Way

The Twitter user who revealed that she stopped visiting and calling the man after he demanded for sex after she turned 19, stated he almost cried and went berserk when she informed him she has already had sex. @tillytate20 tweeted;

When I became 19, I went to visit the uncle I used to be closest too. He was my mentor, confidante and friend and when he made a move to kiss me and I moved away he said “Why are you denying me, I’ve been waiting for you, didn’t touch you, not all guys could’ve waited” A shiver ran through me because he insinuated he ought to have raped me but didn’t due to the fact he thought I would award him my virginity. He used to be the uncle, mothers authorised of due to the fact he was decent, the one that comes to the residence without calling, the one that’s trusted. That was once the last day I known as him uncle or visited him and when I informed him I’ve already had sex, he went berserk, nearly cried. It was so funny to watch. That was once the day I stated NO to male mentors, that was the day I started asking guys round me ”what do you want?”


“I hate sweating, cooking is not for me” – Toke Makinwa

Controversial On Air Personality,Toke Makinwa has made a large confession on twitter about why she hates to cook. According to the fashionista, cooking will make her sweat and odor and she hates anything like that.

[Music] Mr busy _ Way

Toke Makinwa revealed that junks continually comes to her rescue due to the fact they do not require stress we guess. In her words ”I walked into my kitchen ready to cook and walked out with a glass of wine in my hands, cooking is not for me, all that sweat and scent yuck, crackers to the rescue..maybe I’ll try tomorrow’

Toke Makinwa screenshot | exoticempire.com.ng

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