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#BBNaija: Moment Nengi shed tears after being ignored by Ozo

The final Saturday night party during this year’s big brother naija house saw a little bit of reunion as previously evicted housemates were invited to have a final groove with the finalists.

The housemates used the chance to catch up on the memories made within the house but one little observation that was very interesting was the actual fact that Ozo ignored his close ally, Nengi, throughout the party.

Nengi huging Ozo

Later on, Crying Nengi was seen lamenting about how she was ignored.
A crying Nengi told Laycon ;

Laycon-and-Nengi-in-first-Saturday-party| www.exoticempire.com.ng

I was trying to talk to Ozo, he was ignoring me. Even Prince spoke to me but Ozo was ignoring me. That friendship is over

See video below ;

#BBNaija: Moment Nengi curved Ozo’s kiss after he was evicted from the big Brother Naija house

Nengi curved Ozo’s kiss after he was evicted from the big Brother Naija house ?

Freshly evicted Big Brother Naija housemate, Ozo is undoubtedly a hopeless romantic and he showed his romanticism one last time before he made his way out of the big Brother house earlier this night.

The 28-year-old, who during his time within the house never failed to declare his love for housemate, Nengi, yet again professed his love for her even after he was announced as the next housemate to leave the house.
Whilst biding farewell to the rest of the housemates, Ozo warmly embraced Nengi and as Biggie began his 10 seconds countdown for him to leave the house, Ozo is seen trying to plant a kiss on Nengi’s lips but she curved his advances and it resorted to a peck.

Watch the video below,

Nengi had earlier in the evening told Ebuka that she considers Ozo to be her “closest friend” after she was asked what he is to her and why they had ups and downs earlier within the week.

Following his eviction, Ozo has lost his chance of winning the grand prize of 85 million Naira in seven days time. The housemates left vying for the grand prize are Nengi, Laycon, Neo, Vee and Dorathy.

The fifth edition of the most watched African reality TV program will be coming to an end in seven days time and viewers are already gearing up to vote for his or her favourite housemates to emerged as winner of the show.

#BBNaija: Nengi tells Ozo not to mistake their closeness for a “relationship

#BBNaija: Moment Nengi broke down in tears after Ozo gets evicted from the house(Video)

Ozo evicted from the house?

The live eviction show of the penultimate week of the fifth edition of the big Brother Naija show saw the exit of 28-year-old Ozo after having one amongst the least votes from fans earlier in the week. Ozo has been evicted from the house!

Whilst biding farewell to the rest of the housemates following his announcement as the next housemate to leave the house, Ozo warmly embraced Nengi as he also professed his love for her an extra time.

As Biggie began his 10 seconds countdown for him to leave the house, Ozo is seen trying to plant a kiss in Nengi’s lips but she curved his advances and it resorted to a peck.

Shortly after his exit, Nengi is seen bursting into tears with other housemates trying to console her. Viewers of the show have now taken to social media to react to her emotions as they deem it insincere and her trying to urge sympathy from Ozo’s fans.

Watch video of Nengi crying after Ozo gets evicted  below;

Nengi is however one amongst the five housemates who’d be vying for the grand prize in seven days time. The housemates left vying for the grand prize are Nengi, Laycon, Neo, Vee and Dorathy.

The fifth edition of the most watched African reality TV show will be coming to an end in seven days and viewers are already gearing up to vote for his or her favourite housemates to emerged as winner of the show.

#BBNaija:Nengi emerges as HoH;makes it to the finals

Big Brother Naija housemate, Nengi has for the second time during her time in the Big Brother house, emerge as the Head of House for the week, which automatically gives her a spot in the finals in the next two weeks.

After a fierce competition with five other housemates, Nengi emerged as winner of this week’s challenge and will now be the head of the house for the penultimate week of the fifth edition of the series.

Nengi now has immunity from this week’s eviction process and has access to the executive Head of House lounge and every one of the advantages that comes with it. She’s also making through to the finals of the game as this evening’s challenge is the final HoH challenge for the season.

According to Biggie’s rules, as it’s the penultimate week to the finals, the new HoH isn’t susceptible to pick a Deputy Head of House.

Cc: Bbnaija

#BBNaija: Meet 4 housemates that are millionaires already

Big Brother Naija is among the top trending reality TV shows making people millionaires across Africa today.
As soon as season 5 began a couple of months back, it already started dominating headlines and trends on social media.

The housemates are quite interesting and loved by thousands of viewers world wide.
Although the goal of the show is to emerge as the winner at the end of the season and walk away with ₦85 Million, that’s no all that is up for grabs.
The housemates even have the chance to compete in weekly sponsored tasks during which they are rewarded with money and other freebies.

Big brother encompasses a lot of sponsors like Pepsi, Oppo, Indomie, Travel Beta, and so much more so you’ll be able to expect that there are a great deal of tasks for the housemates to compete in and become millionaires .

Meet the First Five BBNaija 2020 Housemates

Who Has the most Wins?
A couple of weeks have gone during this season and the housemates have already contested in a lot of sponsored tasks during which winners have emerged. Who do you think has won the most tasks and therefore the most money so far?.

 Arena games and Head of house games have been excluded. The tasks below were team tasks and therefore the winning team got a particular amount of cash . I actually have divided it and have given each housemate their share below.

Here are the housemates who have won the most sponsored tasks so far and have become millionaires;

4: Praise

Praise BBNaija | www.exoticempire.com.ng

Praise is one amongst the comedic housemates in the house. He always makes people laugh but when it comes to tasks, he doesn’t mess around.

Praise has won a great deal up to now and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down. His competitive spirit is top notch.
Here are the sponsored tasks Praise has won so far:

✓ Oppo – ₦500,000 + Free Oppo Phone.

✓ Guiness – ₦125,000.

✓ Tom Tom – ₦250,000.

✓ Hawaii – ₦400,000.

✓ Patricia – $500 (₦193,269).

✓ TOTAL- Praise has won about ₦1.4 Million.

3: Erica

Erica BBNaija | www.exoticempire.com.ng

Erica is alleged to be one amongst the highest contenders this season and she is steadily representing by doing well in the tasks.

Erica has competed actively in a lot of sponsored tasks and thus has won a great deal of cash up to now.
Here are the sponsored tasks she has got to her name:

✓ Dulux – ₦222,000.

✓ Oppo – ₦500,000 + Free Oppo Phone.

✓ Guiness – ₦250,000.

✓ Tom Tom – ₦250,000.

✓ Patricia – $500 (₦193,260).

✓ TOTAL: Erica has won about ₦1.4 Million.

2: Laycon

Laycon BBNaija | www.exoticempire.com.ng

Laycon is another housemate who has much love from BBNaija fans. he is very competitive when talking about tasks like these.

Laycon is a talented singer and music prodigy. He has used his musical prowess to bag a handful of sponsored tasks and some money in his bank account.
Here are the sponsored tasks Laycon has won:

✓ Guiness – ₦250,000.

✓ Patricia – $500 (193,260).

✓ Travel Beta – ₦250,000.

✓ Airtel – ₦500,000 (Donated to Charity).

✓ Hawaii – ₦400,000.

✓ Tom Tom – ₦250,000.

✓ TOTAL – LAYCON has won about ₦1.8 Million.

1: Nengi

Nengi BBNaija | www.exoticempire.com.ng

Nengi is another top contender during this season and she is the most prolific housemate when it involves sponsored tasks.

Fans always appreciate her competitive spirit as she is among the most competitive Housemates. In physical tasks, she even does better than a number of the guys.
Here are the sponsored tasks Nengi has won up to now and also the money she got:

✓ Dulux – ₦222,000.

✓ Guiness – 125,000.

✓ Hawaii – ₦400,000.

✓ Airtel – ₦500,000 (Donated to Charity).

✓ Patricia – $500(₦193,260).

✓ Travel Beta – ₦250,000 + Free Trip To Abuja.

✓ TOTAL – Nengi has won about ₦1.9 Million.

As you can see, there more in BBNaija for the housemates than simply the grand prize. These guys are already millionaires and they have just spent a month in the house.

These competitions make things a great deal more interesting for them and makes them even more competitive on their way to becoming millionaires .


#BBNaija: Nengi tells Ozo not to mistake their closeness for a “relationship


BBNaija Lockdown housemate, Nengi, has been captured on camera telling her potential love interest, Ozo to not mistake their closeness in the house for a “relationship”.

She’s heard saying, I hope i am not giving you the wrong signals

It’s little question that the 28 years old consultant has always fancied the ex-beauty queen and has been on her matter for an extended while since they made it into the large Brother house.

During one among his diary sessions, Ozo even mentioned that Nengi has the qualities he is looking for during a woman and that he is really interested in her.

Nengi on her part told Biggie during one of her own diary sessions, that she has a boyfriend outside the house who broke up with her because she didn’t open up to him that she was planning to be a part of the truth TV program until a couple of days to the show.

She said she hopes they reconcile when she leaves the house but if not, she might consider Ozo’s proposal as she considers him a great guy.

As watched, both housemates are quite close in the house and most of the time always spotted together but last night, Nengi set the records straight to Ozo… again… telling him not to mistake their closeness for anything.

She said she hopes she isn’t leading him on but Ozo on the other hand, didn’t look pleased.

#BBNaija: Ozo picks Dorathy as his Deputy, Nengi reacts

Ozo has emerged the new Head of House, for the third week.. and he has picked, Dorathy as his Deputy.

This is coming after he completed the course.
The best thing about change is that whether you wish it or not, you’ve got no choice but to affect it. In the Big Brother Naija House, the changes have just started and won’t stop until a winner is crowned.

Big Brother Naija Housemate, Ozo emerged the Third Head of House after he completed the course in the allotted time they got to finish the game.

As required for the new head of house, Ozo was asked to choose a deputy and he chose Dorathy.

However, his on and off love interest, Nengi, must have been expecting to be picked. She wasn’t Ozo’s choice and her reaction when the announcement was made was priceless.

Nengi | www.exoticempire.com.ng

“She came prepared” – Viewers react as BBNaija’s Nengi flaunts bag of shoes and clothes


Besides the apparent difference within the number of Housemates, the most important change to go on in Biggie’s house was one associated with ‘ships. Kiddwaya’s attraction to Erica has been a badly kept secret, but yesterday the pair reached a crucial milestone. Erica had long been wary of Kiddwaya’s smooth-talking ways and had even confronted him about his flirty nature and lack of discretion. While sharing a blanket on the couch after the Live Show, Erica and Kiddwaya got closer than they need ever been before. Kiddwaya was thickly contact his usual romantic ramblings and tried to tug Erica’s head in closer for a kiss.

At first, she resisted, but after a couple of more attempts, Erica allowed their lips to lock and gave us all hope that Vee and Neo won’t be the sole ‘ship within the House. instead of continue making out, Erica soon left Kiddwaya to retire to bed and leave us all wondering if this was an error up which might never be repeated, or the start of our next flaming hot romance. On the opinion front the reactions were mixed with some heralding the launch of this new ‘ship, et al. wishing that it’ll sink immediately.


“She came prepared” – Viewers react as BBNaija’s Nengi flaunts bag of shoes and clothes

Curvaceous Big Brother Naija: Lockdown housemate, Rebecca Hampson, better referred to as Nengi has taken viewers without notice after she flaunted her impressive collection of shoes and clothes.
Nengi took viewers by surprise when she opened her boxes crammed with myriad of shoes and clothes which has now given the impression that she came to the big Brother house fully prepared.

Lady Whose Crazy Over Ozo, Kisses Him Via Her TV Screen

It’s been widely speculated that the 22-year-old ex-beauty pageant and model must have studied Mercy’s script as she was seen with bag jam-packed with stiletto shoes, clothes, perfumes among other things.

Seeing how loaded her bag is, viewers of the reality TV show took to social media to react, with many saying she “came fully prepared”.

According to Nengi, the shoes are her own brand. Checkout a number of the photos of her fully loaded bag below,


Cc: BBNaija

“Nengi is high budget Tasha” – Kemi Olunloyo


Controversial Nigerian journalist Kemi Olunloyo has asserted that Nengi is simply another Tacha within the house, but a ”High Budget’.

In a series of tweets, Kemi Olunloyo rated a number of the new housemates and opined that some are just a reproduction of former housemates from previous editions.

Below is her breakdown of the Big Brother Naija lockdown housemates

She wrote:

“Aisha from Sokoto. Finally some excitement from a northern Nigerian chic. #BokoHaram and Bandits move far far away. This girl is powerful. She’s being herself! Lovely attitude.

OMG!! I actually know Neo. He’s my fan. High budget OMASHOLA. See FESTAC Agbada. @ebuka can’t touch this!

Bright is boring.

Tolanibaj said it all. I’m here for the money. Fame can wait. “Fame without money equals a miserable life”. She’s talking about me O!! She’s dangerous.

Erica says she’s not arrogant and bringing entertainment. Most of these light skin girls are shy and losing opportunities to showcase themselves in front of @ebuka Low budget Mercy. Girl there’s only one QUEEN OF HIGHLIGHTS.

Ka3Na is shy and boring. Hates poverty, loves money. Don’t we. Eviction First week.

Everything Lagos. Sexual enthusiast Lay-con is a stylish word for RAPIST. The therapist is also another word for “The Rapist” Watch this one at night!!

See the refreshing welcome #KingTochi got as he entered. Even the sponsor put the advert right there.
Yeah, I’m naming him King Tochi. Tochi MY MAN! See Biafran King!

Wathoni? This chic is a Kenyan disguised as mixed. She must be evicted sharp-sharp! She’s a spy! Half Nigerian ko? This gal will start #KenyaVsNigeria all over again in lockdown. We are ready for the K.O.T

Praise wants to try three-way relationship in the house. This one will be worse than Mercy vs Tacha.

We are gonna have fun with Dorothy’s boobs they will spill when she’s fighting in the House building house. She came naked to today’s launch

Kidwaya nothing to offer. Boring housemate.

Lucy that dress is too tight. She looks like someone’s mom on that show. Are u sure she’s not doing a mother/daughter thing? She’s there to fight.

Is it Tricky Tee? A comedian who will get into fights. He’s cool. I see him separating fights instead. 9/10 He’s personable.

Lilo gets a 10/10. Davido hometown girl. Mentioned her tribe. She ain’t having opposing tribe shit. she will likely speak in Yoruba to herself at bedtime. Super confident. @ebuka this is the WINNER. Save the tweet.

Prince gets a 7/10. Overconfident. Called himself tall, dark and handsome. He’s not even DARK. Low budget OMASHOLA.

Vee gets a 6/10. Overconfident. Lost a precious moment to sing for us. Conspiracy girl. Low budget Tacha. Possibly first to be evicted.

Ozo gets a 9/10. Good looking young man. Very confident”.

Meet the First Five BBNaija 2020 Housemates

Earlier on, Big Brother Naija 2020 housemate, Rebecca “Nengi” Hampson, referred to simply as “Nengi” has shared with other housemates on the show, a touch of her biography .

According to 22-year-old former MBGN finalist, she lost her dad at the tender age of two and her mother just two years ago, adding that life wasn’t quite easy for her as her mother had to play the role of both parents to require care of her and her sister.

Nengi revealed that although her mother wasn’t educated, she felt it important to offer her children the simplest education by putting them during a good school.

She added that she moved to Bayelsa state, where her aunt’s house is after her mother died of kidney diseases. Life became unbearable as an orphan but with God, she pulled through by winning a pageantry contest and used the cash to further her education.

She further stated that whatever she has been through has been God.

“God has always been there for me, It’s just been me and God. People think i am from a rich family, they don’t know my struggle”

She said.

Cc: BBNaija