Tacha lies about her age in new interview

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Nigerian reality star, Natach Akide, popularly known as Tacha, recently sat down with Nigerian journalist, Chude Jideonwo for a post reunion interview.

The self proclaimed ”PH first daughter” was captured ‘lying’ about her age during the interview.

Chude asked; “You are 23 this year or 24?”

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Tacha replied; “23”.

Recall that last year, Tacha publicly celebrated her 24th birthday on the 23rd of December 2019, so saying she will be 23 this year instead of 25 came as a bit of a surprise to her followers.

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#Tacha’s age appears to be fluctuating. Recall, she publicly celebrated 24th birthday on 23rd of December 2019, but during her interview with Chude yesterday she claimed 23 🤷‍♀️


Recall weeks ago Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Tacha,  scolded her fellow reality star, Tuoyo Ideh and it was extremely dirty. 

Everything started after a specific tweet from Tuoyo proposed that Tacha had a Low IQ.

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Tuoyo had responded to a ‘block threat ‘ from Tacha’s twitter handle and he reacted that he never needed her to follow him. His tweet read ;

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Try not to play yourself young lady, who the f**K needed you to follow me before ?

Your following doesn’t place cash in my record or expel it. Square everything you can, I don’t care for antagonism around me or individuals with low IQ

Tacha in her reaction to Tuoyo, composed ;

How you even talk when I’m talking??

So cause of Twitter Commentary (cruising) you too want to feel among!! Tf is wrong with your Bald head? Song7?!! What exactly is the shade of your Amnesia??????

She additionally indicated that she gave Tuoyo cash in 2018.

This Low IQ you DM’d your record subtleties in 2018!!… .

Low IQ that accepting you as a companion back in the house.

Low IQ that despite everything addressed you after all your VODOO Interview bants!!! Is it true that you are moving maad??!


This low IQ will take care of you and your folks for a DECADE!! No Billed top

Tuoyo call me



How you even talk when I’m talking??

So reason for Twitter Commentary (cruising) you also need to feel among!! Tf isn’t right with your Bald head? Song7?!! What precisely is the shade of your Amnesia??????

This Low IQ you DM’d your record subtleties in 2018!!….


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