Sophie Alakija ‘s husband serves daddy goals

Sophie Alakija’s repelled husband, and father of two, Olawale Alakija has shared these charming photos of him backing their child.

As indicated by him, the back does something amazing.

“My mother needs to write a book on the ways to bring up a child. The back works like magic all the time.” he composed.

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Recall that as per an ongoing report, Sophie and Wale’s marriage has hit the rocks, and that Sophie has ignored her two children.

deleted all photos of them from his Instagram and Sophie has removed his name from her Twitter account.

Sophie, who is Wizkid’s ex, got marries to Wale Alakija in 2016.

A well known blog in Nigeria has uncovered that Sophia Alakija, a previous sweetheart of Wizkid is having issues in her marriage and has along these lines left her matrimonial home.

The gossip has it that Sophie left the marriage so she could have the opportunity to carry on with her ‘miscreant’ life in clubs and wild gatherings. Besides, it was uncovered that this drama happened at the last part of the year ago and as it stands now, the mother of two wouldn’t settle the issue amicably with her husband.

This is what the blog distributed:

“I have been gathering data on the entertainer Sophie. The entertainer left her marriage a year ago, She left the spouse so she can be carrying on with her baby way of life, That’s the reason she deleted all the family pictures and ignored her two children, she is the number 1 clubs eat in Lagos by and by, with her besties Efe Irele, Timini Egbuson(her pimp)and the rest.

A lady connected with GLB as of late and revealed the on-screen character saying “a few days ago Sophie was messaging my man and they were arranging a vacation after covid ,tueh, She is so loose,you need to see her in clubs and she is wilding out.”

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The blog also confirms that last year She went to Dubai twice with the help of her pimp and her Bestie sugar daddy(Akin Alabi the persuasive speaker)who is subtly hitched to efe irele,the efe being referred to displays that her ring to pepper uncle Alabi house spouse.

Sophie in the other hand is making the most of her new way of life as she has turned down all settlement orchestrated by the family,she is as yet utilizing the name ALAKIJA on the grounds that it rings a bell,she has really expelled the name on her twitter bio.igi ewedu oni wopa wa o,I come in peace.”


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