Melian BadMan accuses D'fwesh Offishal

Port Harcourt artiste accuses fellow artiste of iPhone theft

A Port Harcourt based artiste identified as Melian BadMan has accused his fellow artiste D’fwesh Offishal of stealing a Iphone belonging to the producer of the former who also happens to be his brother. 

 This is coming after Melian BadMan invited D’fwesh Offishal over to a studio ( for free recording section) belonging to his brother whose name has not yet been revealed.

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D’fwesh has come out to debunk the accusations on social media

He wrote ;

I was on my own I didn’t ask you anything. you came to my DM and ask me “Guy why you never drop song since”. I told you I wasn’t ready to record a song and besides I don’t have enough money for now. Then you where like “No worry my brother is a producer” I said okay. Your brother is a Brother is producer has noting to do with me and besides I don’t like free shops I like paying for my studio section I don’t Like bad production. You told me your brother is good at production then I said okay don’t worry when I have money I will work with him. You were like is not about the money I will talk to him. “Na just fuel you go buy.
After everything I agreed I was going to come to your brother’s studio you said I should come on Sunday which I agreed. So that Sunday i came with two of my friends to the studio where I met your brother I was sounding very nice I thought he was a good person I never knew you guys are as worst like a devil so after long conversation he said he generator went bad that if I have any money with me so he can hire generator I didn’t have much money with me I borrowed from my friend so we went and hire the Gen and I bought fuel oya start to do beat na he said is body is doing him some how that we should just come back next week. So we left. We didn’t get to the junction when your brother called that he can’t find his phone again I was like I didn’t see you with any phone he said I should ask my friends if they took his iPhone i know my guys them no be that men

Melian BadMan however have kept insisting that D’fwesh and his fellow artiste friends who were present with him in the studio must provide the missing IPhone.

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