Owerri guy, Leo Micah killed by military men

Youths in Owerri, Imo State, are as of now roiting following the adoption and murder of a 21-years-old person, known as Leo Micah and popularly called Leo Wire, was hijacked a week ago in Imo purportedly by men in military regalia and taken to Anambra State, where he was slaughtered.

Let’s body was dumped in a shrub in Anambra days after the incident . He had his hands handcuffed behind him and he was wearing just shorts. His body is rotting as of now. Likewise an overwhelming stone, which one of the suspects admitted was the item used in murdering him, was found close to his body.

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As indicated by reports, a gathering of men in military garbs, professing to be warriors, had captured Leo Micah and accused him being a “Yahoo boy”.

They constrained him into “unidentified vehicles without plate numbers” and drove him alongside his vehicle to Anambra, where they held him prisoner and requested N4million as payoff.

His abductors reached his younger sibling to pay the ransome yet he was unable to manage the cost of it as he had recently lost his mom – an internment Leo didn’t go to in light of the fact that he had been adpoted.

At a point when they could get the amount they wanted, they emptied his account and killed him afterwards.


A source who addressed LIB said one of the suspects was gotten while making arrangements to sell Leo’s Lexus-350 SUV.

When news of Leo’s death got to his family and they alerted the SARS division in Owerri, who at that point made a move and followed his telephone, his vehicle, and the account the cash was moved into.

One of the kidnappers was trapped all these while and he took the SARS agents to the where Leo’s body was dumped.

The hijacker, who had on a Nigerian military sweater, admitted to the wrongdoing. He said he was a soldier was dismissed in 2018. Furthermore proceeded to name his accomplices, one of whom he says is a soldier.


He admitted that they blamed Leo Micah for being a fraudster before they captured him. Included that he and his assistants used a big stone to kill Leo and after that poured a substance on him.

The suspect stated; “We arrested him in the name that he’s a Yahoo boy. Afterwards, we collected his vehicle. Emmanuel and Ifeanyi Nwiwu utilized this stone to murder him. Emmanuel, the person who is… what’s more, Ifeanyi who is an officer in Makurdi, use this stone to murder this man.”

“You were at one time a soldier, abi?” one of the SARS officials asked the suspect.

He reacted: “Indeed, I was previously a soldier. I was dismiss in 2018.”

A friend of Leo’s, who addressed LIB, said it has become a typical practice in the state for men in regalia to capture youngsters who own vehicles, and blame them for “Hurray Yahoo”, before driving them away in plain vehicles just to blackmail them.

He stated: “In owerri is has become a standard for police and sars and equipped individuals to go around in transports or sienna without plate number to harrass little fellows, particularly the ones with vehicles. They unlawfully capture and confine you and label you a criminal until you pay gigantic measures of cash.


“So now, this ex military man and his group, they utilize similar strategies the police would utilize; unidentified vehicles without plate numbers. They unlawfully held Leo.

“Normally when they capture you, they will drive you into thier vehicle. They wont permit you drive in yours. Thus, they conveyed this kid, held onto his telephones, freed his record from all the cash there and drove right to Anambra to slaughter him. Took his things. During the time spent going to sell the vehicle they got apprehended .”

A quiet dissent booked to communicate shock at Leo’s demise occurred today.

Friends and family have taken to online life to slant the hashtag #JusticeForLeo. Likewise, family and friends have riot Imo to fight his murder while at the same time requesting that the rest of the guilty parties be brought to book.

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