Obinwanne “Invictus Obi” Okeke pleads guilty to N4.2b Scam

Chief of Invictus gathering, Obinwanne Okeke also known as Invictus Obi , who was captured in the United States a year ago, has confessed to $11 million (N4.2 billion) scam.

The 32-year-old Nigerian extremely rich person admitted to American examiners that he was engaged with PC based scam somewhere in the year of 2015 and 2019.

A representative for the United States District Court for Eastern District of Virginia, Joshua Stueve, disclosed to Premium Times on Thursday evening that Invictus Obi could go through 20 years with hard labour in an American prison.

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Invictus Obi would be jailed on October 22, Mr Stueve said.

Commission, EFCC has given an announcement on the capture of claimed fraudster and socialite, Ray Hushpuppy.

The counter unite commission uncovered that Hushpuppy has a case to reply over his association in a multi-million dollar extortion.

The following is the announcement marked by the office’s media boss, Dele Oyewale;

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“Nigerian most-wanted Scammer, Ramoni Igbalode, nom de plume Ray hushpuppy, as of late captured by the International Police( Interpol) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation( FBI), has extensive instances of cybercrimes being researched by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission( EFCC).”

“The Commission knows about horrifying subtleties of his illegal tax avoidance exchanges, including some prominent cybercriminals confronting preliminary in Nigeria.”

“The Commission is drawing in with the FBI in following survivors of his false exchanges and different fraudsters having direct inclusion with him. Nearby cybercriminals with tax evasion systems with him are likewise being researched.”

“Hushpuppi was captured on Wednesday, June 10, 2020, in United Arab Emirates regarding $35million ventilator trick.”

In the interim, an Instagram superstar and Executive Director, Cubana Group, Pascal Okechukwu, prominently known as Cubana Chief Priest has been confined by agents of the Inspector-General of Police Monitoring Unit.

He was welcome to the Force central station attach, Lagos to come and answer questions annoying on his supposed abuse of police escorts and weapons. Be that as it may, as at the hour of composing this report, he was all the while being confined.

Earlier on today it was recorded that Dubai open arraignment is set to indict the troubled Instagram socialite, Hushpuppi for various extortion, UAE’s paper, The National, gave an account of Wednesday.

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