NYSC Corp Member , Odume Princess Paschaline Slaughters Her Lover With Cutlass in Uyo

corper Odume Princess Paschaline Slaughters Her Lover.

The Normalization Of “RUNS” Culture Amongst Our Young Women Is Becoming Alarming And Must Be Discouraged.
I was friends with Princess Paschaline Odume on this platform until middle of last year when we disagreed and she blocked me over a post I made where I disagreed with proponents of man haters who hide under the umbrella radical feminism to misbehave.


corper Odume Princess Paschaline Slaughters Her Lover.

I lost track of her until yesterday when I saw her photos trending with news that she allegedly slaughtered a man in cold blood with a machete.
The headline read, “A corper “Odume Princess Paschaline” Slaughters Her Lover With Cutlass in Uyo”.
I dug further and An eye witness who was at the scene of the incident narrated what transpired:
“She was accused of killing a young guy early this morning at Abak Road. I saw a large crowd gathered at Abak Road by Afaha Offot, so I ran there. Lo and behold, this young lady was being beaten and stripped naked.
“She was found this morning around 9.30 am trying to jump over the fence of a young guy she went for hook-up with. Bloodstains were all over her, so she was caught and beaten to stupor and also stripped naked. (I won’t be able to post the video on my timeline because it’s so disgusting).
“She macheted a young guy to death (killed a young man with a machete) this morning whom she went out with. She killed the young guy instantly after several cuts on his stomach and face, but she was caught while trying to jump over a fence.
“Some bike men (commercial motorcyclists) there said that she used to send them (to get her) weed always, ever since she was deployed to Akwa Ibom for her NYSC (National Youth Service Corps).”
The Akwa Ibom State Police Public Relations Officer, Odiko Ogbeche-Macdon, confirmed the incident and said that an investigation has commenced into the brutal murder of a man by an NYSC member, identified as Princess Odume who was saved from mob action and arrested on Monday after she allegedly hacked her male friend to death with a machete after a night of transactional sex.


Nigerian Lady Killed by her Lesbian lover in Asaba

According to her when she was questioned by the mob before the police arrived. She said that she came home with the guy a night before the incident on agreement to be settled (paid) after sex. After rounds of sex, she asked for her money and the guy brought out Machete and threatened her and so she wrestled the machete from the guy and dealt several fatal blows on the face, stomach and neck of the guy killing him instantly. She tried to escape by scaling the fence before she was apprehended by the neighbours of the young man.

It is sad that we are now living in an age where “RUNS” (A new alias for prostitution) has become a norm.
Most of our young women in the higher institutions today are runs girls and they don’t hide anymore because the society no longer frowns at exchanging sex for money.
I have no issues neither do I give any qualms about what an adult decides to do with his/her body but glamorising prostitution is all shades of evil.
Today, the few reserved ladies who stick to their monogamous relationships are regarded as archaic and broke because they might not be able to afford the blings, glitz and glam that comes with RUNS.
I will also blame some parents who fail in their duty to moderate the lives of their kids.
Your child comes home with expensive gadgets, clothes, wigs and sundries and you welcome her with open hands without asking basic questions.
I have seen some of these girls take over some financial responsibilities at home yet their irresponsible failed parents don’t bother to know what she does for such monies. They instead applaud her and thank God for making their daughter rich despite being jobless or having a job that is not commensurate with her spendings and lifestyle.
This is the sad reality in some families today.
On the other hand, I observe also that some of these RUNS girls turn out to be girls from decent homes where parents and family provide and cater adequately for them but to these girls, basic necessities are no longer enough and average is not an option.
They want bone straight hair and the latest I-phone therefore they follow diabolic Yahoo Boys all over town and commit themselves to all shades of evil just to belong and be called big girl.
Some come on social media to form feminist yet go behind closed doors to sell their bodies and depend on and exchange money for sex with same species they claim to disdain.
I am sad that two young lives has been wasted.  Odume Princess Paschaline ‘s life is practically over just as the life of the man she killed in cold blood.
A pretty girl with her life ahead of her has wasted her whole life for nothing Just few weeks before her POP.
That seemingly low budget “ASHAWO” who entertains men in her private chalet or in a pimps hotel is wiser because her trysts is way safer than a “RUNS GIRL” who jumps into any random vehicle and follows an unknown guy back to his own house or hotel because of 10k – 20k.
I watched the video of the Mob action against her and was shocked at what they did to her after stripping her naked and panel beating her but the worse is yet to come as she might spend the rest of her life behind bars.
All for N5k- N10k – N20k
Is it worth it?
I don’t think so.
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