Nkechi Ezenwa who was raped gives birth to triplets

A man recognized as Chidiebube Okeoma has taken to his facebook page to request for help for a 20-year-old, Nkechi Ezenwa, banana vendor who brought forth triplets after she was raped.

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The young lady named Nkechi Ezenwa who was purportedly assaulted while selling her items, brought forth triplets and she expressed that she found at the purpose of conveyance that she was having more that one kid.

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The new mother has purportedly been pummeled with nearly N422,000 bill for the delivery of her children.

Ezenwa said she was conveyed of a child at the medical care center . After her child was conceived, they found there were more children and she should have been worked on.

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She was raced to another emergency clinic where two additional children were conveyed by means of cesarean segment.

Nkechi Ezenwa | www.exoticempire.com.ng

Lamentably, she hasn’t had the option to clear her doctor’s visit expenses and therefore Chidiebube Okeoma imparted her story on the stage to subtleties of the clinic where the children were conceived and how individuals can give.


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