#NigeriansMustFall trends in South Africa after video of South African lady stripping and twerking for Nigerian men becomes a web sensation

The hashtag, #NigeriansMustFall is presently the number 1 inclining theme on Twitter as of this second.

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Some South African citizens are calling for Nigerian citizens to leave their nation after a video showing a lady, confirmed to be South Africa, twerking for some Nigerian men turned into a web sensation.

Ghanaian nurse who twerked in uniform is wanted (video)

South Africans are utilizing the hashtags #NigeriansMustFall and #NigeriansMustGo to get out Nigerians as they additionally reprimand them for the decay in their general public.

Zambian lady twerking with a bottle stuck in her v*gina(video)

In the video that is sending out shock, a woman is seen pulling down her jeans to twerk for some Nigerian men. The woman twerking is likewise seen with lipstick between her butt cheeks as she moved for the men who can be heard communicating in Yoruba.

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Responding to the video, some South Africans blamed Nigerians for various things, including medicating and assaulting their ladies. In any event, when some of them even brought up that the lady doesn’t seem as though she had to twerk, others shut them down and expressed that, regardless of whether she wasn’t constrained, she most likely more likely than not been tranquilized.

Lady, Nikki FeFe gets paid N200,000 for her services

Some other South Africans went to the guard of Nigerians and blamed their compatriots for xenophobia. They brought up that femicide is on the ascent as South African men slaughter their ladies and pull off it. Yet, those individuals were likewise closed down as South Africans passed the fault to Nigerians.

Nigerian Twitter clients have advised Nigerians dwelling in South Africa to be cautious as the hashtag could snowball into brutality. The following is the video that made shock and responses it,

Future Pepsi Ambassador


South Africans.

Is this the young lady you guarantee she had to hit the dance floor with lip gleam in the middle of her rear end cheeks?

Where’s the compulsion here?

So #NigeriansMustFall Really?

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