Nigerian Lady Killed by her Lesbian lover in Asaba

In a somewhat upsetting new report contacting us this hour, a Nigerian woman, distinguished basically as, “Vivian” was discovered dead in her house, on fifteenth of June 2020… and conditions encompassing her passing is very scrappy.

The episode occurred at Summit Junction, Near Govt. House in Asaba.

As indicated by Vivian’s companions, the deceased was apparently cut to death around three days back, and she was left to decay.

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Vivian’s are currently pointing fingers at her lover, guaranteeing Vivian was wounded by her lesbian sweetheart.

As per the significance flying round.. Vivian’s darling is the stud (spitfire) in their lesbian relationship, and she (the stud) was purportedly discovered laying down with a Man.

It’s assembled that her sweetheart, the stud, over the fear that Vivian may uncover her for ‘laying down with a Man’ and most likely demolishing her ‘stud’ notoriety, wounded her to death while she was sleeping, at that point secured her with a bit of material and afterward carried off a portion of her significant things. She at that point proceeded to call Vivian’s mom to reveal to her that Vivian had travelled.

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It was not until days after the fact when inhabitants started to see foul smell and the get-together of creepy crawlies that they realized something was wrong and afterward they allured on their proprietor.

It was uncovered that the stud had fled to Enugu yet was inevitably captured and is as of now in police care.

The landowner’s child additionally affirmed that the two were lovers.

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