Artiste, Kelvynn De Vhokalist AB narracts how his admission was terminated

Nigerian Artiste, Kelvynn AB narracts how his admission was terminated

A Port Harcourt based artiste identified as Kelvynn AB has taken to his Facebook account to narract how he lost his admission to Rivers State University in 2015 after gaining the admission in 2014.

Kelvynn AB recently gained admission again after 5 years!

Kelvynn AB is calling on the public to make his dream of being a graduate come true.

 Artiste, Kelvynn De Vhokalist AB narracts how his admission was terminated


Kelvynn AB wrote;
On October 2014, I began my tertiary institution journey after being accepted to study Mass Communication at the River State University.
However, the very next year I dropped out of school.
This was the saddest thing that ever happened to me.
Never in a million years would I have thought that this would be my story, but I guess we can’t always be sure of what happens next in our life.
My story probably isn’t the most special out there but there are a couple of reasons why I think everyone should hear it.
You see, after we were done with our exams for the semester, I was in such a hurry to disconnect from all the stress and tension that came with the academic session.
Maybe I forgot this is Nigeria and it might be a wise thing to hang around a bit and look for those lecturers so that I could possibly find a way to “do the needful”.
But I just disappeared. I went home and started to enjoy my holiday.
We had this app on our phones back then where we would check to see our results, it was only new at that time. So after like 2 months into the holiday I checked the app only to find that 5 out of my 8 registered courses were with a blank grade (-). I concluded the app wasn’t well built and that the blank grades were probably a mistake from the app developers. So I relaxed and enjoyed the remaining weeks of my holiday.
The next session began and everyone I told about my blank grades was sure it was a real issue and were worried for me. I quickly wrote a letter to our Head of Department and another to The Exams & Records Department expressing my worry and confusion over the blank grades I was seeing for months now but even after 3 weeks, nobody wrote back, contacted me or anything.
My panic level increased. I started to go from office to office to meet with the lecturers themselves but you see, none of them had a good explanation for me.
Some would ask me if I bought their text book and others asked why I didn’t come to meet with them earlier in other to do “the needful”(like I mentioned before).
I understood clearly after meeting with them that I was being punished with blank grades for not sorting things out with them.
At the end of the day, they all told me there was nothing that they could do at that time as everything had been submitted already and permanently recorded. I left, hoping that somehow a miracle would happen and I would see my real grades and not the blank thing again.
Well, 2 days later I went to the ICT Department to make some payments for the new academic session and that’s when I received the news. “Oboy they have blocked you oh, school has blocked your page”, that’s what the man I met there said to me still looking at the screen of his computer. I knew what this meant. I had been dismissed from school because my CGPA must have been the lowest in the universe and that wouldn’t have been if my grades were recorded as they should have been.
I started to cry right there. I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me. I also couldn’t sleep at night anymore, even during the day.
I would always be up thinking of what my life would be now as a school drop out. I would wonder what my chances of ever getting my dream job would be. I was so scared, so ashamed and very disappointed in myself. I started to blame myself for the mess that had happened. Maybe if I wasn’t so relaxed in the first place I might have been done with NYSC in 2020 just like the rest of my fellas right?
I got so depressed and even suicidal, especially as each year passed by with me trying to get back into the university but got rejected over and over again. 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020…all these years passed by with me writing the jamb exam, followed it up with the POST UTME and waited in anxiety for months hoping my name would be on the admissions list but it never did.
People who knew I was in school (supposed to be) would sometimes ask me “what level are you in now” or something school related and I would lie that it was all good and tell them I was in this or that level at the time.
I hated that I had to lie.
I swore that I would sit for those exams even if it takes 100 solid years of my life.
I swore I wouldn’t give up on myself or my dream of becoming a journalist.
I swore I would get back in and make such good grades that even professors would be surprised to see.
I am happy that finally I have gotten the chance to make things right.
I have just been accepted back in the Rivers State University to study Mass Communication again.
This opportunity means everything to me.
I will prove to myself that I am only an older version of that brilliant kid who used to represent his school in a number of essay writing competitions and emerge a finalist.
I will also prove that I have over the years grown the strength, patience and will to run around that university in order to keep my grades in great condition.
However, my parents can no longer sponsor me through my education and I have to embark on the journey myself.
I am looking to raise over N150,000 to cover for the acceptance fee, tuition fee, medicals and other fees required during this clearance process and no I don’t have the money.
I am not ashamed to ask for help because there’s nothing I want more right now in my life than this opportunity to make things right, to secure a future for myself.
So please, do this with me if you are impressed by my resilience and want me to succeed.
A donation of N1,000( less or more) from you would be immensely appreciated.
It just might be exactly what I need to add up and get on with this second chance I have always wanted. Thank you so much.
And also, this might be a source of inspiration to somebody out there trying to get back on their feet, possibly doubting themself and at the verge giving up so please SHARE this with your friends and in fact everyone.
Tamunomiebaka Abiebi
Thank you again and God bless you big time.

You can contact Kelvynn AB on any of his social media platforms.

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