Must Read! Why China created Covid-19!

The Covid-19 was manufactured in a laboratory to control the world population. The testing of the virus was planned to be staged in Wuhan ,a province in China because it is the most populated country.
To understand my write up,have time and watch these movies.

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PANDEMIC on Netflix.
THE LAST SHIP(Season 1-5)
Hollywood and other movie industries were aware of the Covid-19 and it was the reason they made these movies to predict it’s spread.

Pandemic |

Hollywood made Thanos tell you in infinity war that the world is populated and it needs balance so some should be wiped out. You just didn’t pay attention to the film… They weren’t joking.
Justia Patent owns the right to this virus and the deadly African swine flu.
The virus was created in 2018.
Bill Gates predicted this Covid-19 virus like he did with the Ebola virus some years ago because he knew what was being done by Justia Patent .
The Bill and Malinda foundation gave 9 million dollars to
San Diego Laboratory in Philadelphia to produce a vaccine for the Covid-19 virus and will be distributed through  INOVIO Pharmaceuticals .
The vaccine is out but will be released in the summer. The vaccine I understand has been tested on bat and a pig.
The reason why the Covid-19 virus is more dominant on the white people than Africans is that,viruses are formed with protein and every protein has a gene in it. When two different genes meet,there will be reaction. So the gene in the protein was made to react with another gene from a white man precisely a Chinese man because their target was to control the population in China.
This is the reason why the virus can not stand a temperature above 26/27 °C.It is more effective in a white man than a black man.
It doesn’t mean Blackman can not be affected by the virus,but the rate of damage the virus can cause in a Blackman will be minimal compared to a white man.

Have you now seen why the death rate in the African continent is lower than that of the American, Asian etc
There is an Association called “The New World Order” which is behind most of the pandemics that has hit the world.
They have so many ways of controlling the population for the world.

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They use nuclear weapons as a tool.
They use biological weapons as a tool and
GMF (Genetically Modified Food) as a tool.

The Covid-19 will be ineffective in the summer because of the temperature in Europe coupled with the vaccine which will be released in the summer,but will come again few years later.
Covid-19 will not be the last virus to hit the world,different ones will come all because of the mission of “The new world order “.

You will not get this information on Google because Google is an umbrella on “The New World Order“.


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