Mikel Spade nude live video goes viral

Mikel Spade, an Instagram influencer, is the CEO and Creator of SPADE fans group, he does many giveaways, hangies, contests, freebies and talent displays for his members which helps alot in promoting the group .

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The well-known Facebook group called SPADE, is widely known for naughty and s£xual related contents. The group was banned thanks to reports of the type of contents posted there and a month ago it had been re-opened and has already has up to 17k members within a month.

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Today’s Mikel Spade birthday, a point worthy to note.

In anticipation of his birthday,  he went live yesterday on his group on Facebook. He was spotted with four ladies and two other guys in a bedroom , they organized a little get together.

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During Mikel’s live video wit a few of the group admin and members who joined, recorded from the live vide, two of the ladies in the bedroom were spotted kissing each others and twerking, one of the girls poured ice cream on the breast of her partner and proceeded to suck the ice cream of her breast.

Mikel spade live video | www.exoticempire.com.ng

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One of the girl who was spotted wearing a blue gown, with no panties on, was actually seen on top both of Mikel twerking trying to get him aroused.

Mikel spade live video | www.exoticempire.com.ng

While she was twerking on Mikel, he was busy pressing his phone, but as soon as she got up he released immediately , his shorts was already wet, a sign of liquid was spotted on his short, the question was is it from him or from the girl? Remember she was n@ked.

Watch the video and drop your opinions below.

 Click here to watch video 1

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