Meet Sandra, whom Regina Daniels pushed into a pool

Remember the lady Sandra Samuel CEO of @drachibrand whom Regina Daniels pushed in to a swimming pool? See her pictures and what her does.

A video of popular actress, Regina Daniels recently made the rounds on social media and its content elicited controversies and outrage on social media.

Remember that few days ago, a video surfaced online and in that video Regina Daniels angrily pushed her worker in to a swimming pool after an argument over some instructions that wasn’t followed to the letter. As of then, her face wasn’t clear and people didn’t know much about her, only the actual fact that her name was Sandra.Well her name is Sandra but her Instagram handle is @drachibrand.

After the video went viral, some fans lambasted Regina Daniels for over reacting, but the actress said it had been caused by pregnancy hormones.

Details of Sandra just surfaced and she is reported to be Regina Daniels’ production coordinator.

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 Based on the image below you’ll see that she is often near to Regina Daniels mostly when she is shooting or taking pictures.

That’s what she does or her job description. She make certain everything is okay and ideal for her boss, (Regina Daniels) while taking pictures or shooting a video.


In this picture below you’ll see that she was tagged to Regina Entertainment Television (RET).

See more photos of the gorgeous girl below ;

Sandra-Samuel-@drachibrand-Regina-Daniels-Production-Coordinator |

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