Omekagu, the winner of ” FACE OF SPRANGLER ” 2020


This is not a SUB please. This is not a banter or a clap back, a troll or any of the likes.
Many people have asked that I tell them why the name
Omekagụ has been trending on Facebook.
Seeing that it was becoming a popular demand, I decided to put up this post. I will try to be as brief as I can. If I miss something, kindly drop it in the comment section. So here goes nothing.

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The FIRST PICTURE is Bernard Iwuoha popularly known as Omekagu, a graduate of University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He studied Biochemistry and graduated in 2016. Life has danced with him and stepped on his toes a lot but he keeps smiling through it.
Since his graduation, it has not been easy but Omekagu has been a gentle man through the years.
We know him on Facebook as a tagroid. This means that Omekagu is a tag lord. If you are on a competition on Facebook or Instagram and what you need to win is the number of likes, Omekagu is your go-to person. He is always reliable and mostly provides top-notch results.
I don’t need to talk too much about it. Ask anyone on Facebook who knows him. One thing of note though is that he has always been asked when he will compete in one competition and he always respond “soon”(paraphrased).
Last month, Omekagu told us he finally wants to join a competition. We told him we are here for him and that we will bring back the money.

The competition was THE FACE OF SPRANGLER MARKET and the prize was 350K.

We told Omekagu to push on.
This competition started May 1st and ended May 15th. It had 3 stages.
Stage 1 – May 1st – 5th
Then Stage 2 – May 6th – 10th
Finally Stage 3 – May 11th – 15th

The aim was get people to like or react on your picture which was to be posted by the Sprangler Market Facebook group. Many of you were tagged and asked to like or love. 252 contestants started the competition and after the first stage, they were to be reduced to 20 and then 10 and then the winners.

The SECOND PICTURE is the picture of the first 20 people after stage one was done. Please take note of the Second position and Tenth position, Chinyere Cherry (Queen C Okoro) and Iloghalu Adaora (Kween Ilo) respectively.

The THIRD PICTURE is the list of the first ten people after stage two.

We have been having drama ranging from loving instead of liking to posting pictures late to disqualification for use of auto likes to Admin leaving comment section open to Omekagu’s Fans attacking Admin for inconsistency (with reckless abandon, if I might add… We over do sha but when have memes been an instrument of evil? I ask ), etc.

The main drama started in stage 3. Queen C Okoro started dropping snide talks about Omekagu. Omekagu had the core of Facebook Nigeria behind him and they weren’t taking that ‘nonsense’. They lashed back. Queen C Okoro, “The Kween” as Omekagu’s fans call her dropped more bombs calling Omekagu poor and a refugee and she claim to be the giveaway queen and she didn’t need the money but she need it for giveaway to people around her that need it. Omekagu’s fans gave her back in fuller measures dissing her with her own very words.

Note: Omekagu was quiet through these dropping only funny memes and appreciation posts.

Things got hotter than the molten larvae and it blew up. One of her friends, Angela Nwosu told her to drop from the competition; that she was bigger than the insults and that she will give her the 350K. I don’t know what happened about that.
What happened next was that Queen C Okoro started advertising for the tenth contestant in the second picture Iloghalu Adaora, Kween Ilo. Both of them in collaboration made promises to different groups. They promised 2K to anyone who will react love on Iloghalu Adaora’s picture. They even made the promises on Rant HQ. This had a massive effect on Iloghalu Adaora’s picture. It came so close to Omekagu’s which was topping at the time.

That was where it came out to light. While some claim they were paid 2k for reacting, many more claimed they were not. Hell broke loose as Omekagu’s fans could not stand that. They reported to the admin of the group and the admin said there was nothing wrong with sponsored ad.
Then Omekagu’s fans decided to enlighten those voting or reacting on Iloghalu’s picture about the whole matter and ‘expose any agenda’.

From Wednesday 13th to Friday 15th…. The WAR was real.

Finally, Omekagu won with 15K votes. This is the end of the story. Though, Facebook people (Omekagu’s fans) won’t let that slide as they are Professionals in the act of dragging, it became the drama they have always longed for. And you didn’t expect Queen C Okoro to be still, did you?
She responded in kind.
Omekagu winning is the best news to we, his fans. That is probably why the millions who don’t know him now know him. To the extent my elderly friends who don’t always Facebook are asking who he is.

As for me, I have penned down my lessons from it and with this post, I’m forgetting the details.
We should all do the same but we can sha meme
. I appeal to everyone to calm down and let go.
Omekagu has won.
That’s what we wanted.
Let’s leave the barking dogs be and emulate our King.
I haff talk too much.
Oya, good night.
PS: Omekagu’s Friends not Omekagu’s Fans.
One more lesson learnt.

Congrats SMVS winner 2020

Cc:Onye Abu Oma

Cc: Facebook

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