Doddapalliah,the man who has never cut his hair since birth


We all like to have our hair cut due to the form and beauty it add to our look, Doddapalliah doesn’t think so. Sometimes, when we are sick or not in the good state of health, the health expert will advice us to have our hair cut immediately.

Though, people are entitle to anything they make do of their hair, nobody will arrest us if we plan to keep our hair for so long without having it cut.

Here is a story of an 95-years-old man who is a citizen of india who has never have his hair cut was shared online.

According to , the 95 years old Doddapalliah, a citizen of Karnakata state in India prefer to bundle his hair into a large ball and tie it with a cloth which will be enough to contain it so it can allow him to move around.

He would like to have it tied up instead of having it cut to the extent that he is regard to as a living deity, and therefore the joy of being call a deity prompt him never to have his hair cut for nearly a century in other to keep up the status of being call a deity

According to a short clip shared by Newsflare, it is very obvious that Doddapalliah always find himself struggling whenever he want to have his hair tie by people, and it seems his hair has never be washed for over an extended period of time.

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Also, there was an identical story that Doddapalliah have a counterpart from China who hasn’t have his hair cut in over 54 years, and also am Indian man who goes by the name ‘Sekal Dev Tuddu’ who hasn’t have his hair cut in over 40 years.

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