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Onwukwe Emmanuel Chimaobi also known as chiblizy is a native of umuahia north ohuhu, Abia State Nigeria. Was born on the 30th of September 1995, also a graduate of Federal polytechnic Nekede studied library & information science, as an information scientist.

Chiblizy is specialized in Hip Hop music with over more than 15,000 followers and subscribers on Instagram,Twitter Youtube and Facebook, his content has over more than 900,000 views. Chiblizy has collaborated and performed with lots of top artists. He has released hit singles like; #Lie Lie, #Dem go Hate you, #Endsars etc. He has an uncompromised and unique style of music. In 2018 he was featured on G.R.A Port Harcourt Street Rap Battle where he emerged as the winner and came to fame, Chiblizy also have to his name noble awards from Churches, Club and Parties.


He is a passionate music rap artist and a multi-talented personality such as an entertainer and an entrepreneur.

Chiblizy is also a social media promoter, a blogger, an entertainer such as an actor and a comedian, an entrepreneur, a public speaker, a technical know how or sound engineer, a graphic designer and a music rap artist.

Chiblizy as a young African Youth saw the need to focus on entrepreneurship/skills as the way to eradicate poverty, crime and unemployment by seeking and granting interviews with top industrial experts and young entrepreneurs who have made impacts and build a legacy in their field.



I See poverty as an enemy and a threat to man’s good will and causes limitations to man’s needs, but in order to succeed and survive in the world you must do the needful to be outstanding, which is entrepreneurship/skills( skills i.e talent) I crave to be the best through entrepreneurship which is innovation and creativity.

For this very reason, I yearn to be one of the few who will lead Africans into that very new age through entrepreneurship. I strongly desire to give a legacy of wealth to my children, that my forefathers never gave to me.

I find inspiration in many places and people, which has influenced my creative style and process. I do reality music because of Passion and to communicate undiluted truth to the world. I specialize in Hip Pop and I focus on Reality Music. I also enjoy working with talented artists, so as to get more exposure.

My art style is Unique and Classical. I find my work to be Outstanding to connect/communicate with the world through my music.

When people see my work, I hope they experience Love, get informed, challenged positively, and pursue their struggles no matter what. I tend to profound purpose and hope for the world through my music.


1995–2020 Early life and career beginnings

chiblizy was born onwukwe Emmanuel chimaobi in the family of Mr and Mrs Rita okechukwu Clement onwukwe on 30 September 1995 on Sunday morning, in umuahia north local government ohuhu Abia state and was dedicated to the assembles of God church. but after six months of birth was moved to Rivers state portHarcourt city where he grew up. And later his younger ones where given birth all in portHarcourt city. He happens to be the first child of his parents.

He was born in an household with a sister and two brothers which were his siblings. His father and monther are Pentecostal Christian.

chiblizy attended model secondary school.
He grew up listening to lil Wayne, Rick Ross and Eminem. In a radio interview with Beatfm 2019 he said his father has one wife.
In another interview with no limit TV chiblizy said he formed a music crew called the kings Gospel rappers with a couple of his church friends but they later went separate ways when he got admission out of rivers state.

Chiblizy went by his first stage name called Brain Boi in secondary school then until 2017.

He later met Don Bravo production, a record producer who promoted his first single titled ” Lie Lie ” along side with Santorini, chiblizy started loving rap music when he was sixteen and started going out for shows in 2017.

Chiblizy practice 7 hours daily most especially at night.He sighted Rick Ross, 2pac, lil Wayne, Eminem as those of his role models whom he took mentorship from at the age of 17.

chiblizy was inked a record deal with Empire gang Entertainment in 2019 along with his personal aid Gbx john.

Though he experienced many turn downs and financial challenges at the early beginning of his career with zero supports from family because of their financial lack and with the african parental believe that Musicians are hoodlums or jobless since it is not professions like lawyers, engineers or doctors.

He also faces lots of disappointments from churches as well because no one believes in dreams of another unless it becomes reality, but in all the rejections he still persevere and conquer all their doubts today.

He also worked with other artist and great persons, such as young-skillz, Michael-kings, Gbx-john, donbravo-production, exotic-empire et. while developing himself he went out of spotlight for a while close to two years just to work more on his potential and came back.


Chiblizy is an afro pop, hip hop and RnB rapper. But strong in hard-core hip hop.

Chiblizy is also a freestyle rapper who raps in English, Pidgin and Igbo language. He is from the southeast of Nigeria.

He prefers speaking and listening to writing.

He does rhythms and punchlines in each verse with meaningful words..

He is not too fast and never slow in his style or pattern of rap flows.


He have also managed groups from small to hundreds, through his good communication skills, leadership potentials, team work, dedication, integrity, selflessness, optimistic, self-discipline and self-confidence.

Chiblizy was the former chief organizer of daily information media. Whose services are base on factual information dissemination on the area of African Fashion, sport, politics and entertainment. He served as the the head of the editorial team.

Chiblizy have grown the team at KGR crew. (Kings Gospel rappers) to reaching an audience of more than a thousand.

he also head as kitchen assistant & stock manager at the Capital-G lounge Port Harcourt city Casablanca G.R.A phase 2.

He was also an Enumerator at Rivers state Water corporation portHarcourt water board Nigeria.

well It will be fair enough to place a stamp of excellence and passion which he have demonstrated in all he have led since he is freely open to critic and improvement.


2013 best street rap battle winner of phcity caniriv.

Best actor of the year africian entertainment 🇳🇬 Nigeria 2012.

Former head of technical & multi media department at kHC from 2013 -2018.

He was the best departmental President that head a group of defense & seminars at 200 level at the Federal polytechnic owerri imo state. Also led as a course rep, he won several religious awards to mention a few: the most resourceful teenager, 2018 most dedicated/punctual teenager, best department & departmental leader 2018.
which was awarded to him by the Redeemed Christian church of God King’s Palace.

He also won 2017 Phcity best rap artist organized by Port Harcourt sabi the Tin  and lots more accolades.

He is connected to GrindTV entrepreneurship reality show, the first of it’s kind in the entire naija delta region of Nigeria.

To be part of the show simply follow him on social media:

Facebook: @chiblizydaboss
Twitter: @iamchiblizy
Instagram : @iamchiblizy

Or send him an email at :

Cc: naijabiography

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