Meet Babcock Student, Yangy who raped 24 girls

The women, in a progression of tweets on Tuesday , said Adolphus , otherwise called Yangy on the internet based life , decieved and raped them .

Yangy was likewise depicted as an undergraduate of a private college in Ogun State.

One of his casualties, who sent an immediate message to a Twitter dissident , Angie , said she feared coming out on account of demonization and conceivable reaction on social media .

The casualty expressed in the message to Angie that the usual way of doing things of Yangy was to be friends with ladies and later welcome them over to his home or his uncle’s hotel in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, where he used to defile them .

The message read to a limited extent , “There is this person I need you to assist me with notice young ladies to avoid in light of the fact that he ‘ s continually welcoming individuals over and assaulting them . I ‘ m likewise among his casualties ; I can ‘ t represent a few reasons or even utilize my handle since I can ‘ t exposed responding to inquiries from individuals.

“This person I ‘ m discussing , we used to be companions till he assaulted me and his reason was that he was enticed . If you don’t mind , I need you to tell the same number of young ladies that are going to see this that the person that calls himself Yangy is an attacker and they ought to be careful with him . ”

The disclosure of the woman provoked other guessed casualties to come out and portray their encounters with Yangy to Angie .

Another casualty in an immediate message to Angie expressed , “I was 14 at that point and he deceived me that he was 17. He controlled me imagining that we were in a genuine relationship and constrained his way on me the day I headed toward see him . I instructed him to stop severally cause it hurt as I was a virgin however he didn ‘ t stop . So he isn ‘ t only an attacker however a pedophile . ”

Other guessed casualties additionally discharged their WhatsApp discussions and voice accounts, where he purportedly confessed to assaulting them .

A Twitter client , Ella Uzama , who expressed that she would have been a casualty, tweeted how she supposedly gotten away Yangy’ s shenanigans .

She tweeted , “Lol , I set up ‘ I need a vocation ‘ on my story in 100 lvl and this person met me after Sabbath and said he had a vocation , and the activity was ‘ I ‘ ll tail him to clubs and he ‘ ll snare me with men and afterward give him his cut after I lay down with them . He’ s pointless . ”

Another Twitter client ,

@ Phcanonymous , blamed Yangy for visiting his casualties’ homes with hooligans and compromising them to retract on their allegations and erase their proof .

Responding to the charges , Yangy on his Twitter handle , @ yangy_adolph , said he was not associated with any of the supposed occurrences, including that he would contact the important specialists over the claim .

He tweeted , “Customarily , I would have overlooked the talk selling around however for successors purpose, let me completely state that I have no inclusion in the supposed assault .

“As we as a whole know , assault is a genuine offense on the planet and is something that nobody can support . I emphatically remain against assault in all sum . Anyway , I would educate the important specialists concerning this charge for my notoriety . “

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