Man who impregnated 15-years-old daughter

A 48-year-old man identified as Theddius Audu reportedly impregnated his 15-year-old daughter Justina in Wuyeya, a village below Assakio, Lafia Local Government Area of Nasarawa State. Audu, a farmer and petty trader, took up the sole duty of his daughter’s upbringing after his marriage to Talatu Ayi from Nasarawa Eggon Local Government Area of the state ended 13 years in the past due to irreconcilable differences.


According to The Nation, his youthful sister who helped out in raising the little girl, died in a tragic accident in January 2019 on her way again from Lafia market. Audu determined to relocate to a three-bedroom apartment he had managed to construct in the village after the incident, so his daughter ought to live effortlessly in security and barring any fear. The selection resulted in a pregnancy as Justina is 4 months long past already. Recounting how the unhappy incident occurred, Justina said;“God has inflicted a permanent wound on me; there is without a doubt no factor retaining me alive. I assume I should just commit suicide and die, as a substitute than proceed dwelling to undergo this shameful burden. God has now not been truthful to me and I don’t be aware of my sin or offence. My mother left me when I was barely two years old; and up until now, hasn’t taken as a whole lot as a 2d seem back. My late aunty Agnes, who brought me up died, currently and now I’m pregnant for my father. What could be worse than that,” she asked bursting into tears. “When my aunty died in an accident, my father moved me into his three bed room apartment to occupy one of the rooms. He used to test my non-public section to see if I had began menstruating or having sex with boys. One night, I was once dozing after a irritating day; he got here into my room, removed my wrapper and inserted his finger in to my personal part, asking if I had started menstruating. I woke up all of sudden from sleep and asked, “Daddy why are you doing this to me?”“He requested if I had had intercourse earlier than and I stated no. He then stated he would use his penis to check my virginity. Before I could utter any word, he had climbed on pinnacle of me. I desired to scream, but he held my mouth and penetrated into me. I struggled to wriggle free however he over-powered me and forcefully deflowered me. I bled in the course of that night, crying uncontrollably till the following day. I was also in pains throughout. “I felt very awful however he warned me that no person should hear of what he did to me. He additionally threatened to slaughter me with a knife if he heard it from anybody. That was once how he stored sound asleep with me at night and ultimately bought me pregnant. “How I wish my mother have been around; this shameful issue would now not have befell to me. It is incredible; my world and life has crumbled. How can I have a child for my father?“The days that followed my Aunt’s demise have been each utterly full and definitely empty; full of activities, yet empty of existence because there used to be no person to take care of me and information me properly. “Her absence gave my father the probability to break my life. I feel very ashamed that I’m pregnant besides getting married and extra ashamed that my very own biological father is responsible. Now I assume about death frequently due to the fact my father decided that I must go away the pregnancy and supply a male baby for him. ”She stated her father has even threatened to kill her if she tried aborting the pregnancy. “So I don’t have any choice but to enable it grow; meanwhile, the pregnancy is simply four months. ”The father, Audu said he always felt pain of any one “toasting” his stunning daughter and enjoying, after he went thru difficulties to increase her. He said;“She looks stunning and I constantly experience the pains that one day, any individual else will toast her and begin taking part in what I suffered all these years to raise. When her mom left me, I took the pains to convey her up due to the fact I could not get married and was alone. “It commenced like a joke. I don’t understand what came over me; she tried to resist me however I was once very harsh on her and she allowed me have my way. Thereafter, we endured unabated. I genuinely wanted to take a look at her virginity status, to know whether she had commenced going out with boys but when she instructed me she missed her period, I determined that she have to not abort it. “She ought to supply the infant for me due to the fact I don’t have any other child. Thereafter, she can get married to anybody of her choice. This used to be the secret association we had and I don’t know why she is exposing it now. “That is the a whole lot I can say about it. ”


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