Man gets free Indomie for 6 months after returning 1.8m

A Nigerian man recognized as one Mr Chidiebere Ogbonna allegedly returned the 1.8 million Naira he found in a cartoon of Indomie noodles he bought.

As per reports encompassing the circumstance, the container was somewhat loaded up with noodles combined with packs of N1000 notes. Chidiebere expressed that when he returned home, he opened the container and when he saw what was inside, he quickly returned it back.

When inquired as to why he restored the money in spite of the difficulty assaulting the nation at the present time, Chidiebere said the cash was not his, so there was no explanation behind him to keep it.

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The merchant who couldn’t keep down his bliss, expressed gratitude toward him and advised him to return and gather a container of indomie at whatever point he needs it till December.


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