Man Donates 60% Of His Liver To His Father

Talk about a picture worth a thousand words!⁣
A young man identified as Ramongasparelli donated 60% of his liver to his father. Their “L” shaped scars exemplify how beautiful life is post liver transplant!⁣

Ramongasparelli and his father
Read on the son’s words to his father : ⁣
“The letter “L” means so many things to us. Besides being the initial of our surname, it comes accompanied by generosity, compatibility, friendship, happiness, love and, especially, LIFE. It has become my favorite letter, if we have favorite lyrics. It was the best choice of my life. The easiest decision to make for such a difficult attitude. It was difficult even to convince you that it was my decision and no one was going to change that.
But his protective father instinct was speaking louder, concerned about every detail. It was the first time I “disobeyed” and it worked. The rest of the time, when I do not listen, everything goes wrong.
You have the voice of reason along with the emotion. A tone in the sweet and angry timbre. But with this heart, there is not one that does not melt for Zezinho. It is an example to be followed, not only by the children, but all around them. God could not have given me a better father. Best in every way.
You only have qualities, I do not see defects. It’s perfect for me and for Ruan. Careful. Worried. Charismatic. Insistent. Helpful. Protector. Teacher of life. Your life story is amazing dad.
Every fight he faced and won with his smile; awkward. There were so many battles that we lost count. One more day of the parents, one more text, one more statement .. and a love that is the most beautiful and pure in the world. Do not forget that I am your fan. My 60% of liver I donated, is not your Father’s Day gift. Stay calm. It was for love. Father’s day is simple, but it’s heartfelt. Because if I could I would give you the whole universe. I love you for life.”⁣


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