Man cuts off Ex-wife ‘s boyfriend’s Pen!s with a Sword

Man puts off Ex-wife 's boyfriend's Pen!s

A Spanish man reportedly bound his ex-wife with electric cables and made her to watch him mutilate her new boyfriend’s penis with a samurai sword at their holiday home in Portugal.

Carlos Sande Fidalgo and his former wife, Nuria Rodriguez Gonzalez, are said to have split in March of 2020.

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However, he couldn’t accept the end of the relationship, so he attacked her boyfriend after which he killed himself in a murder-suicide.
Carlos Sande Fidalgo ended his life by throwing himself off a close-by bridge after murdering his ex-wife’s boyfriend, Luis Miguel Fernandez. Police launched a manhunt when the woman, Nuria Rodriguez Gonzalez, managed to free herself after being made to witness her 53-year-old boyfriend’s horrific murder.
The search ended when detectives discovered the sole suspect had ended his own life. The tragic incident, which happened in a small Portuguese village of Gondufe, near the country’s northern border with Spain, was still under investigation on Saturday August 15, as the full horror of the murder-suicide began to emerge.

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The body of the alleged assassin, a real estate businessman based in the Galician city of Vigo, was found on Wednesday morning, August 19.

According to local reports, police investigators suspect Nuria’s ex-husband placed a GPS tracker on her car so he could follow her movements following their split earlier this year.

Man puts off Ex-wife 's boyfriend's Pen!s

Police sources said everything was pointing to the alleged killer breaking into the property his ex and her new partner were renting after tracking them down, and acting out of jealousy following his failure to simply accept the end of his marriage and his former wife’s new relationship.

On the day he attacked, Fidalgo had his ex-wife ’s hands tied behind her back with electric cables. He then made her watch as he mutilated her boyfriend’s genitals for about six hours with weapons including knives and another described as a Japanese sword referred to as a katana.

Police were alerted after the alleged killer left the property and his ex, who needed hospital treatment for shock and injuries caused by the ties around her wrists and legs, managed to alert the authorities.

He is understood to have fled the scene of the crime in his ex-wife ’s jeep before deliberately crashing it near the property and switching to a black BMW 740 he owned which was found near the bridge.

His body was found around 10am on Wednesday August 19, by coastguards participating in the search together with police.

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