Louis Edet signs partnership deal with Majestic group Nepal

Louis Edet, Ceo of 5-4 Empire Entertainment Ltd, has Signed a partnership deal with the Majestic Group_ Nepal 🇳🇵, he’s now been confirmed as the National and International Coordinator for ‘KIDS AND TALENT INTERNATIONAL SHOW’.

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Also The Winners Of ‘MOST CREAMY KID AFRICA GOT TALENT’ Will Represent Annually at ‘KIDS AND TALENT INTERNATIONAL’ In Nepal 🇳🇵, Starting 2020.

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Louis Edet, Thanks the Majestic Group Nepal for finding 5-4 Empire Ltd, reliable for partnership, he also Prays for the Covid19 pandemic to be over soon so the project can be staged successfully at the set time.

God bless the union..

5_4 Empire Entertainment..

Kids And Talent International.

Majestic Group Nepal …

Most CreamyKid AfricaGotTalent…

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