Lady marries a Man she was hooked up with by her friend


A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to offer the narrative of how she hooked her friend up with the person she eventually married.

According to the Twitter user, @rachelotowo and screenshots of the DM she shared along with her friend, she’d set up her friend with the person and jokingly asked that they invite her to their wedding.

An Igbo man will never abandone a lady  – Twitter lady

Her statement eventually came to pass as her friend and the gentleman she hooked him up with, got married and an excited Rachel took to social media to share how she was the plug for the couple’s happily ever after.

Chuchu @rachelotowo screenshot |

Sharing photos of her conversation along with her friend and a photograph of the couple… Rachel wrote,

I called the shots.
For clarity. I did not shoot my shot at him, I hooked him up with a friend. I’m not sure what suggests the former tbh.

Her tweet has since gone viral on social media with a great deal of individuals begging her to be the channel of blessing that’ll give them their happily ever after.

Cc: Twitter

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