Lady calls out Singer, Zoro for raping her in 2015

A lady on instagram with the handle @mystic_sweetness has taken to the stage to blame Nigerian Singer, Zoro of assaulting her.

The woman said it went back as late as the twentieth of April, 2015 and it occurred at his friend’s home in Magodo, Lagos.

Her post read ;

I just thought I should share this… . @zoroswagbag in April twentieth 2015, at your friend’s home in Magodo CMD street, I followed my sister to come visit your friend(KOKO) whom you were sqautting with at that point, and you asked me out which I told you I will think about it, following an hour of simply meeting you, you called me into your room since you insisted you needed to talk with me in private, that I was so naïve to think it was simply going to be a tolerable discussion with you, when I got into your room, you began forcing yourself on me to engage in sexual relations with me, subsequent to battling with you for over 30mins you overwhelmed me and assaulted me!!! You are a rapist! Also, I’m done battling with the injury and torment you put me through.

In a response post, the woman guaranteed that Zoro’s management connected with her and she shared screen shots of their discussion.

In another turn of events, the indigenous rapper has responded to the claim made against him by @mystic_sweetness.

The woman had in her charges said that the rapper assaulted her in his companion’s home in Magodo zone of Lagos on April 20, 2015.

Responding to the charge on his IG page not very far in the past, the rapper shared a screen capture of a tweet where he denounced reports of assault cases in Calabar in 2015.

He proceeded to express that he feels horrible that somebody will blame him for assault and kept up that he will never participate in such act or have a relationship with an attacker.

Zoro likewise said he’s chosen to take legitimate activities to address the assault charge and is additionally ready to offer lawful help for the Instagram client to guarantee she has appropriate portrayal and to ensure there’s no idea of concealment or terrorizing.

Zoro composed;

Assault is such a terrible demonstration, that I will never at any point take participate in it or be associated with anyone that assaults, I even think that its hard to give the signal. I feel extremely awful that somebody has blamed me for the demonstration. I don’t know precisely why she is doing what she is doing. I excuse and I supplicate God pardons her as well, but since this will likewise hurt individuals that admire me, my family marks I work with and fans, I have chosen to take legitimate activities to address this.

I am willing also to offer lawful help to Yachit as well so she has appropriate portrayal and to ensure there’s no idea of concealment or terrorizing. My group likewise attempted to get in touch with her to see precisely what her issues are nevertheless she marked it concealment and attempting to quiet her down which is additionally bogus, this one powerless me meyne however God Dey.

To make it understood, I didn’t assault Yachit. I’m putting this out in front of my lawful group’s announcement.

Stay careful out there guys.

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