Lady sleeps with Ex's Father

Lady brags about sleeping with her ex bf’s father (Video)


The video of a lady boasting about having sexual intercourse with the father of the person who broke her heart is presently serving rounds online with people wondering whose father she slept with.


In the video, the lady refers to her heartbreaker as one “ John” and shows him angles of his supposed father’s house to let him know that indeed she’s slept with his father as payback for evidently breaking her heart.

She’s heard saying “ John, John, I dey your papa house right now, I don f**k am … you break my heart, you think say you go go free like that” …


Elozonam debunks rumors that he slept with another man’s wife.

Watch the video as you scroll,

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Some netizens who have seen the video have of course responded to it, with a couple of people saying though she might have slept with her ex’s father to spite him, it possibly has n’t removed the fact that she’s still hurting and is yet to heal from the heartbreak.

Some netizens are of the stance that sleeping with her ex’s father really would n’t have worked out anything.


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