#JusticeForBarakat:18-years-old lady, gets raped to death in Ibadan

#JusticeforBarakat ?

In new reports following the wake of assault and rape that is had Nigerian internet humming in the course of the most recent couple of days, another instance of endeavored rape followed by murder has quite recently been accounted for.

A 18-year-old girl, identified as Barakat Bello is accounted for to have been killed at her home in Ibadan after she opposed assault. The hashtag #JusticeforBarakat has been started for her.

Barakat was a year 1 undegraduate in the Federal College of animal healthcare and husbandry in Ibadan. She has since been buried.

@DrOlufunmilayo composed,

Barakat Bello was separated from everyone else at home yesterday when a few men assaulted her. She was assaulted and murdered.

This was in Ibadan yesterday.

She was just 18.

Barakat was at home.

She is a Muslim hijabi sister.

You distraught individuals that surface with pardons for assault, what is the reason this time?

This episode occurred in Akinyele region of Ibadan. The men are accepted to be outfitted burglars who came to take in their home. She was distant from everyone else at home.

They assaulted her.

They likewise slaughtered her.

She has as at now been buried.#Justiceforbarakat | www.exoticempire.com.ng

What number of more young ladies need to pass on thusly?

#JusticeforBarakat#Justiceforbarakat | www.exoticempire.com.ng

She was a year1 undergraduate in government school of animal healthcare and husbandry in Ibadan.

She was just 18.

Presently she is dead and covered.

Assaulted and slaughtered by lethal men.

We can’t proceed with along these lines.

The govt can’t keep on turning away and disregard these killings.

This is crazy.

A Nigerian man has offered an open expression of remorse to a Nigerian woman on Facebook, for stroking her breast without her consent a few years back.

The woman, recognized as Iphie Alfred on the stage, took to her page to get out one Justice Chimaoke Nzeabuike — Iphie requested a statement of regret from him for the “outrage” he submitted against her a few years prior.

She composed on her page,Nigerian lady | www.exoticempire.com.ng

This will be the best tune you’d tune in to today: Prince Humble-Feelings

Equity Chimaoke Nzeabuike you have 48hrs to delicate an open statement of regret to me here on facebook for the barbarity you submitted against me not many years prior.

I have not been in correspondence with you since until today.

Your 48hrs began 2:52pm Nigerian time.

The said Justice Chimaoke then observed the post and took to the remark area to apologize and furthermore share his own side of the story.Nigerian man | www.exoticempire.com.ng

As indicated by him, the occurrence happened more than five years back when he was in his administration year. He asserted Iphie stayed with his companion and flat mate, a certain Tony and that Iphie and the said Tony had issues so she chose to leave however didn’t have transport toll.

He guaranteed he offered her cash yet requested closeness consequently which she consented to. He said he lamented his activity and apologized to Iphie months after the fact.

Iphie saw his remark and communicated stun at his case. As indicated by her, she and Tony never had issues. She asserted that it was while she was sleeping around evening time that Justice started to stroke her boobs.

After a companion asked what truly happened, Iphie expressed that she was resting when Justice explicitly attacked her.

Iphie kept up that Justice contacted her body without her assent however he’s guaranteeing she was alert while he contacted her. She proceeded to express that she has the option to choose who contacts her body.

After all the to and fro, Justice inevitably offered an open expression of remorse to Iphie on his Facebook page. 

Iphie then acknowledged his expression of remorse too yet showed that not long after she acknowledged his conciliatory sentiment, Justice proceeded to erase the post from his timetable.

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