Glee Hotels denies having Dbanj ‘s rape victim in 2018

Glee Hotel has exposed the updates on having mainstream artist, Dbanj’s supposed assault casualty on their list of guests in 2018.

Review, D’banj is said to have assaulted a woman inside one of the rooms in the inn where the young lady held up. He’s said to have been given an extra key to the young lady’s room.

This has now been denied by the foundation Glee Hotel in an announcement seen beneath:

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Our attention has been brought to the Rape allegation trending on Instagram made against the popular musician Dbanj. It is said to have happened at Glee hotel sometime in December 2018. It is alleged that the front office at Glee gave Dbanj the key to a guests room without their consent. We state firmly that this is FALSE and can never happen at Glee. We operate best practices and the welfare and security of our guest is paramount to us. We advice the accuser to check with the person who paid for the said room as her said name was not on record as a guest. Any person who pays has access to two keys for all the rooms paid for by them. We never got any complaints then or at anytime afterwards regarding any form of abuse. We will never condone any form of abuse particularly to a lady at our premises (Glee). we are happy to assist in investigating the matter properly. Our lawyers have been informed and we are taking the matter very seriously. We SAY LOUDLY NO to rape or any form of abuse towards women.

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