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DJ Cuppy gets 3 iPhone 12 pro max days after begging for one on twitter

DJ Cuppy took delivery of the three new iPhone 12 pro max barely one week after she took to Twitter to beg her fans to bless her with one.

The billionaire daughter, who noted that she could beg too, took to the micro-blogging platform on Monday, November 23rd to humbly beg her fans to bless her with the latest model of iPhone.

In her words,

“Who wants to get me an iPhone 12 as a late #CuppyDay birthday present?

“Oh, you thought I didn’t know how to beg too abi?”.

Luckily, the singers wish has been granted and she has taken delivery of not only one , but three iPhone 12 pro max.

Flaunting the new phones she wrote,

“Btw… I ended up with THREE iPhone 12 Max Pro’s mobile phone Sparkles, in this life if you DONT ask then you DONT get! Ladies, #CuppyDat”.

Watch video below,

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