Davido follows mystery lady on Instagram

Nigerian music icon, Davido has had his fans in talk after he took a recent action on his social media page (his Instagram account precisely ) moments ago.

Davido Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Davido, who about two months ago, took an opportunity off social media as he revealed he had some cleansing to try to to , had unfollowed everyone on his Instagram page, including his fiancee, Chioma.

Davido and Chioma | www.exoticempire.com.ng

But a recent check on his page shows that he’s following a gorgeous mystery lady and this has had his fans and followers wondering who she is.

Davido following @nikia on IG | www.exoticempire.com.ng

Here’s how some Nigerians are reacting to the event below,

See more of the mystery lady’s photos below;

Davido girlfriend Nikia | www.exoticempire.com.ng

Davido girlfriend Nikia | www.exoticempire.com.ng

Davido girlfriend Nikia | www.exoticempire.com.ng

About two months ago, Davido while revealing his intention of staying off social media, stated that each one his life, he has been putting people first, but he feels it’s time to prevent brooding about others and specialise in building himself.

Just some days after making the post on Instagram, the singer unfollowed everyone on his page, including Chioma, which fueled speculations that unfollowing everybody was only a plot to unfollow his fiancee, Chioma without causing a stir on social media.

Recall on Monday, eighth of June, 2020, reports circled generally that Nigerian singer, Davido welcomed a fourth kid with the fourth lady  Larissa London. This supposed new advancement left many individuals “frustrated” and astounded due to the artist’s relationship with Chioma, his fiancee.

The report went ahead Monday morning that the singer’s supposed most recent child mother is one Larissa Yasmin Lorenco a.k.a Larissa London who welcomed a child for him in March of 2020.

Larissa London | www.exoticempire.com.ng

The Afropop vocalist, who as of now has three kids with three different ladies, purportedly blocked the woman on social media platforms and denied the child.

Davido and his fiancee, Chioma were slanting via social media and Twitter clients are giving their thoughts the turnout of occasions.

Some blasted Davido while some hailed Chioma for remaining notwithstanding what.

See a few responses from Twitter underneath,


So Davido got another lady pregnant… pls when I state men you state are junk


I wonder why individuals are amazed about Davido getting a kid from another lady after the chioma affirmation commotion…

B4 chioma, Mama imade was there,if she felt that she’s going to be the main one,she’s dreaming..

The brush wey dem use whip Mama imade still dey back of entryway.


I trust this davido news isn’t correct. He can’t be undermining chioma after chivido and assurance2020. Chioma merits better. You see this male sexual orientation, They will disrespect you.

BJORN Ironside@theofficialFEMI

Be that as it may, Chioma not wrapping up her degree in view of a man still gon be perpetually clever to me.

How would you abandone your education for a man?????????????

#BBNaija Season 5 Audition@dawhiizz

This Chioma “confirmation 2020” is turning out to be “continuance 2020”. I trust there’s “protection 2021”


Only an update that if Davido leaves Chioma water will divert him far


Elsewhere in the world, lemme cc Davido, Chioma…some individuals will in any case accuse Tinubu and Terry teams


Benefits excel@excelmerits

Davido where is assurrance you guaranteed Chroma?if the talk is genuine that implies aren’t loyal.Chioma assume Sue you for that.,



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