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“Until Yemi Osinbajo is suspended, i am never stepping foot into any RCCG Church” – Nigerian man

  • Until Yemi Osinbajo is suspended, i am never stepping foot into any RCCG Church” – Nigerian man says

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo

A Nigerian accountant, Obinna Nwosu, has vowed never to enter any parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God RCCG, if vice president Yemi Osinbajo, is not suspended from the church.

Why Funke Akindele trended on twitter yesterday

He said this following the shooting of Lekki #EndSARS protesters yesterday October 20. Osinbajo is a pastor of the RCCG.

Obinna wrote:

Until Pastor Yemi Osinbajo is suspended, i am never stepping foot into any Redeem Christian Church of God. He has lost the grace to serve as cover of the life of saints”

Lagos state shuts down all schools over #EndSARS protests

  • Lagos state shuts down all schools over #EndSARS protests

Lagos State shuts down schools

The Lagos state government has ordered the closure of public and private schools within the state indefinitely over #EndSARS.

This was announced in a press statement by the state’s Head of Public Affairs, Ministry of Education, Kayode Abayomi, on Monday.

The statement was titled, ‘Lagos directs students to stay at home’.

It quoted the Commissioner for Education, Mrs Folasade Adefisayo, as saying that the schools were shut down over “tension generated by the #EndSARS protests.”

The statement read partly,

The Lagos state government has directed all pupils/students in public and private schools to stay at home following the tension generated by the anti-SARS protests.

“A new date of resumption for all classes will be announced as soon as possible.”

Adefisayo added that the safety of the pupils/students, parents and all staff working in schools is paramount at this critical period”.

She however advised parents to “keep an eye on their wards and not allow them to be used as willing tools in the hands of those who might want to hijack the protests to unleash mayhem on the society”.

The Commissioner also encouraged schools to “utilise other means of distance teaching and learning i.e radio, television and online media as they have been doing during and post the recent COVID-19 lockdown”.

Lady cries out as Suspected Security Officials ‘abducts’ her sister in PH,Rivers State

  • Nigerian lady cries out as suspected security officials ‘abduct’ her sister in Port Harcourt, Rivers State

Bisola kidnapped

A Nigerian lady has beckoned for help from Nigerians as she revealed that her sister was kidnapped from some armed men said to be security officials.

According to a post by Twitter user and lawyer, @Ifeoma_Solanke, the lady who was kidnapped, identified as Bisola was trailed to her house in a car by armed men ;one in army uniform and two others in Police Uniform in Port Harcourt.
Bisola was dragged into a White Venza and the car zoomed off thereafter.


Man, lady die after rounds of $ex in Port Harcourt

@Ifeoma_Solanke wrote on her page,

Waking up to tweets about Bisola Ajayi kidnapped and i am shaken…

She was trailed to her house in a car by armed men, one in an army Uniform, two in Police Uniform (no badges, unidentified) in Port Harcourt, she was dragged into a White Venza and they took off.

Bisola is a lawyer in active practice and has expressed frustration about her dealings with the Police… She is not an armed robber, she is not a criminal.

In a video that’s now making rounds online, a lady ,who is Bisola’s sister is seen begging for help as she says her sister was just kidnapped.

Watch video as the lady cried out as suspected security officials abducts her sister  in Rivers State;


Covenant University carries out HIV and pregnancy Tests on Students instead of COVID-19 Tests

  • Covenant university student calls out the management over COVID-19 test

A Covenant university student has called out the management of the institution for failing to carry out COVID-19 test on its students.

Recall that Ogun state government have given tertiary institutions within the state the permission to resume its academic activities, with specific guidelines in place. They clearly stated that each one students are to be tested for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) before being allowed on the premises.

According to the Twitter user with handle @booghy_, Covenant University only meted out pregnancy and HIV test, rather than the coronavirus test. Also, a member of staff said there is no need for the test as papa (Bishop David Oyedepo) is praying for them.

The student has cried out to the government and NCDC to come to their rescue as he/she is extremely terrified.

Her post reads,


They brought out only 2 canopies to search and test us. We were so many! Rain fell and they left us under the rain. Our provisions were destroyed and our luggages soaked to the last.

One of the staffs even said that if any of us is infected, that we should not worry that papa is praying. That we should forget COVID-19.


Graduate sets fire to all his certificates due to unemployment


A young man from Katsina state identified as Usman Abubakar to burn all his certificates including National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) University degree, WAEC, etc.

Graduate burns certificates

According to reports on various Hausa Facebook pages, the frustrated young graduate burnt all the certificates because he was unable to secure employment since he left school.

Lady disgraced after she shared photos from her graduation

Usman is not the first Nigerian graduate to try and do this, recall that in 2019, a graduate burnt all his certificates, saying school is the biggest scam in the world.


Nigerian lady elopes with N2million given to her by fiance to plan their wedding


A Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to narrate how his uncle’s fiancé fled with the N2million deposited in her account to plan their wedding.
The Twitter user, Spendo Gustavo disclosed that his uncle had deposited N2million into his girlfriend’s account in preparation for their wedding.
According to him, the fiance used the cash to process her visa to escape the country, adding that each means of reaching her have proved abortive.

He tweeted,

“My uncle deposited N2million into his girlfriend’s account in preparation for their marriage. The girl used the same money to process Visa and travelled out”.

This is coming after, a Twitter revealed how he devised a cunning and smart way of wriggling himself out of an upscale wedding.

According to the man referred to as Nwoke Agulu, his fiancee was making quite a huge financial demand for his or her wedding plans.

Agulu said his fiancee had demanded a complete sum of N5million naira to cover their wedding cost.

N4million was meant for the wedding proper and an additional N1million to be deposited in her bank account for miscellaneous.

After seeing how the monetary expectations for the wedding plans failed to sit well with him, the young man said he paid a visit to the hospital and forged an AS Genotype report and broke up with her.

He wrote;

“I once dated this girl, she told me that we will do 4M Naira wedding, i will deposit 1m in her account 4q wed expenses and also she will sell asoebi cloth.. to cut d story short, I went to hospital and forged medical report dat i am AS becos she is AS.. She cried, I cried We move.”


“I wan Fvck”- Nigerian lady sexually harasses Hausa Onion Seller On the road (Video)

The video of a Nigerian lady sexually harassing a Hausa onion seller who was trying to sell his market on the road, has caused a stir on Nigerian social media.

In the video, the lady is seen holding on to the onion seller while telling him she wants to have $ex with him — the hawker, who possibly didn’t understand her advances is seen repeatedly asking her if she wanted to shop for his onions but the lady continued with the harassment.

The video, which a great deal of individuals have found appalling has caused a stir on social media, with a lot of individuals calling for the reprimanding of the said lady.

Watch the video below;

“There is nothing like toilet infection” – Nigeria Doctor


Popular Nigerian doctor and Twitter influencer, Dr Harvey Olufunmilayo has taken to the platform to enlighten users that toilet infection does not exist.

Dr Harvey Olufunmilayo

The doctor described the term “toilet infection” as a dubious term created by those who wrongly assume that toilets significantly transfer infections.

According to him, individuals invented the term as a convenient excuse to cover shame of having an STD.


Coronavirus infection could be sexually transmitted.


His tweet reads,

“There is NOTHING like “ToiletInfection”. there is NO such medical diagnosis at all.What you call “toilet infection” is usually a urine infection or an STD.The chances of you catching an infection solely from using a toilet is almost zero. ‘Toilet infection’ does not exist.

“To my knowledge, no one has ever acquired an STD on the toilet seat — unless they were having sex on the toilet seat!” says Abigail Salyers, PhD, president of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM).It is called a “SEXUALLY transmitted disease” for that very clear reason.

“You can ask your doctor. you can ask any medical student. you can ask anyone who is a professional on human clinical medicine.There is NOTHING like a ‘ToiletInfection’. it is a dubious term created by people who wrongly assume that toilets significantly transfer infections.

“What tends to happen is that a person gets a urine infection or an abnormal symptom in their private part like itching or smelly discharge and they automatically assume ‘it must be from our university toilet’. Actually IF you had a recent unprotected sex, it’s more likely that.

“Overall, “ToiletInfection” is largely a myth and there’s really no such thing whatsoever.But in a judgmental society like ours, it is better to say “I have Toilet Infection” than “I have STD”. So I understand.However, just to be clear though,’ToiletInfection’ do not EXIST.

“Human beings basically invented the term “toilet infection” as a convenient excuse to hide shame of having an STD. Or as an explanation for yeast infection when they have no idea of the actual cause.We blame innocent toilets when sexual behaviour, poor hygiene etc is the cause.


Doddapalliah,the man who has never cut his hair since birth


We all like to have our hair cut due to the form and beauty it add to our look, Doddapalliah doesn’t think so. Sometimes, when we are sick or not in the good state of health, the health expert will advice us to have our hair cut immediately.

Though, people are entitle to anything they make do of their hair, nobody will arrest us if we plan to keep our hair for so long without having it cut.

Here is a story of an 95-years-old man who is a citizen of india who has never have his hair cut was shared online.

According to , the 95 years old Doddapalliah, a citizen of Karnakata state in India prefer to bundle his hair into a large ball and tie it with a cloth which will be enough to contain it so it can allow him to move around.

He would like to have it tied up instead of having it cut to the extent that he is regard to as a living deity, and therefore the joy of being call a deity prompt him never to have his hair cut for nearly a century in other to keep up the status of being call a deity

According to a short clip shared by Newsflare, it is very obvious that Doddapalliah always find himself struggling whenever he want to have his hair tie by people, and it seems his hair has never be washed for over an extended period of time.

Meet the Hamar people of Ethiopia who beat their wives before marriage

Also, there was an identical story that Doddapalliah have a counterpart from China who hasn’t have his hair cut in over 54 years, and also am Indian man who goes by the name ‘Sekal Dev Tuddu’ who hasn’t have his hair cut in over 40 years.

Checkout His Picture:


Lady in ER after her dog allegedly tore her vag!na while giving her head

A lady has taken to Twitter to share a really bizarre story of how a lady was rushed to the emergency room after her dog allegedly tore her vagina.

According to her, she got the information from her friend at the emergency room (ER).

It was alleged that the patient makes her dog perform cunnilingus on her occasionally, but on this unfortunate day, she was forcing the dog to go faster when it tore her skin.

The twitter user with handle @missy_onix wrote,

“Y’all my friend at the ER said they rushed a lady in cause her dog tore her vagina. Apparently she makes the dog eat her out occasionally and was pushing the dog to eat her harder when he tore off her skin.”

Other twitter users have expressed their shock and irritation at the story.

Man Donates 60% Of His Liver To His Father

Talk about a picture worth a thousand words!⁣
A young man identified as Ramongasparelli donated 60% of his liver to his father. Their “L” shaped scars exemplify how beautiful life is post liver transplant!⁣

Ramongasparelli and his father
Read on the son’s words to his father : ⁣
“The letter “L” means so many things to us. Besides being the initial of our surname, it comes accompanied by generosity, compatibility, friendship, happiness, love and, especially, LIFE. It has become my favorite letter, if we have favorite lyrics. It was the best choice of my life. The easiest decision to make for such a difficult attitude. It was difficult even to convince you that it was my decision and no one was going to change that.
But his protective father instinct was speaking louder, concerned about every detail. It was the first time I “disobeyed” and it worked. The rest of the time, when I do not listen, everything goes wrong.
You have the voice of reason along with the emotion. A tone in the sweet and angry timbre. But with this heart, there is not one that does not melt for Zezinho. It is an example to be followed, not only by the children, but all around them. God could not have given me a better father. Best in every way.
You only have qualities, I do not see defects. It’s perfect for me and for Ruan. Careful. Worried. Charismatic. Insistent. Helpful. Protector. Teacher of life. Your life story is amazing dad.
Every fight he faced and won with his smile; awkward. There were so many battles that we lost count. One more day of the parents, one more text, one more statement .. and a love that is the most beautiful and pure in the world. Do not forget that I am your fan. My 60% of liver I donated, is not your Father’s Day gift. Stay calm. It was for love. Father’s day is simple, but it’s heartfelt. Because if I could I would give you the whole universe. I love you for life.”⁣


Cc: Instagram

Three People Killed by Boat Capsize in Adamawa

Three persons identified as Melody M, Isaac G., and James S., have lost their lives in a boat capsize in Adamawa state.
Sahara Reporters reports that the victims, two males, and one female, reportedly drowned while on their way to a burial ceremony in the Lamurde local government Area of the state, after the boat capsize.

Captized boat in Adamawa

The chairman of Lamurde local government Area, Burto Williams, confirmed the incident and described it as an unfortunate tragedy.
“The accident is a very unfortunate tragedy that requires government to come to the aid of the people of the area who are constantly being ravaged by cascading water.

Lamurde LG is making efforts to supply medical treatment for the survivors while the council will foot the bill of the burial arrangements of the three deceased,” He said

Sometime ago six persons lost their lives in a very similar accident that happened in Lagos.

Six persons were confirmed dead while two passengers were declared missing after a commercial boat enroute Ikorodu, Lagos, capsized at Ipakodo ferry terminal.

The six adult females that lost their lives to the incident were later recovered by local divers. The boat captain and his assistant could not be found.

All efforts by the Lagos State Waterways Authority (LASWA) Team to urge the manifest of the boat proved abortive because the LASWA Officials at Ikorodu jetty could not establish the number of passengers on board from Ebute – Ero.


Girl receives surprise slap instead of surprise gift


A lady , @DoyinSoExtra has taken to her social media account to narrate how her ‘friend’s friend’ received a packaged surprise slap from an anonymous lady as a result of a man.
Apparently, the woman who was slapped had given out her residential information and when she went outside to meet the disguised dispatch rider, a lady showed up and gave her a dirty slap because of ”boyfriend issues”.

Nigerian music video director, Akorede recalls how his dad was killed

Read her narration below ;

Oh! My friend’s friend chopped slap today because they called her on phone that anon sent her a gift that she should send her address, she went outside to meet dispatch rider and another girl slapped her due to boyfriend issues.

I’m not even joking!!!!

She sent address because the person said anon wanted it to be a surprise and she cant know who the person is, she definitely didn’t see that coming, nobody would!

Awoof dey run belle o

This actually happened for real no jokes, i heard she has involved the Police in this issue.

Hopefully they take the case up fuly because this anonymous girl actually brought her people to beat slap and intimidate her because of man?!

The fact that she lives in an estate and she had to call estate security to let the disguised anonymous is the creepiest, what if they came to kill her or something.

Stay Safe yall.

Cc: Twitter

Dead 12-year-old Indonesian girl resurrects from the dead


A 12-year-old Indonesian girl resurrected just as her family were preparing to bury her after she was pronounced dead at the hospital in Indonesia.

Siti Masfufah Wardah was admitted to a hospital in Probolinggo in the Indonesian province of East Java for chronic diabetes and organ complications on August 18. She was pronounced dead at 6pm that evening.

The Indonesian girl ‘s body was taken to her family home an hour later to permit her relatives clean her, in line with traditional Islamic funeral traditions.

Nigerian Lady Killed by her Lesbian lover in Asaba

But just as they were getting down to clean the body, Siti’s eyes opened and she woke up.

Her father, identified as Ngasiyo, 40, has described the shocking moment when his daughter came back from the dead.

“And her closed eyes suddenly reopened. and we found her heart was beating again and her body moved.Doctors were called to the scene and began giving Siti respiratory assistance and oxygen to help her breathe.

[Music Of The Day] Jewelbaby-Vudu.

“Sadly,her resurrection didn’t last long and she died — again — an hour later. Her body was washed and she was buried in the Lambangkuning Village Cemetery. He added.

Lumbang police chief AKP Muhammad Dugel confirmed the incident after visiting the family home.

“It’s true that there was an incident where the girl died and came back to life, after previously being treated at the Dr Mochamad Saleh Regional Hospital,

“When she was washed her body came back to life. For about one hour [she] was alive and then died again.

“It’s believed Siti’s short second life was the result of what’s known as return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC), also called “Lazarus syndrome”.

This phenomenon sometimes occurs in people that have died of heart failure, and usually happens about 10 minutes after someone is confirmed dead following CPR.


Man cuts off Ex-wife ‘s boyfriend’s Pen!s with a Sword

A Spanish man reportedly bound his ex-wife with electric cables and made her to watch him mutilate her new boyfriend’s penis with a samurai sword at their holiday home in Portugal.

Carlos Sande Fidalgo and his former wife, Nuria Rodriguez Gonzalez, are said to have split in March of 2020.

Nuria Rodriguez Gonzalez |

However, he couldn’t accept the end of the relationship, so he attacked her boyfriend after which he killed himself in a murder-suicide.
Carlos Sande Fidalgo ended his life by throwing himself off a close-by bridge after murdering his ex-wife’s boyfriend, Luis Miguel Fernandez. Police launched a manhunt when the woman, Nuria Rodriguez Gonzalez, managed to free herself after being made to witness her 53-year-old boyfriend’s horrific murder.
The search ended when detectives discovered the sole suspect had ended his own life. The tragic incident, which happened in a small Portuguese village of Gondufe, near the country’s northern border with Spain, was still under investigation on Saturday August 15, as the full horror of the murder-suicide began to emerge.

Meet Man who stabbed his pregnant ex-girlfriend 21 times

The body of the alleged assassin, a real estate businessman based in the Galician city of Vigo, was found on Wednesday morning, August 19.

According to local reports, police investigators suspect Nuria’s ex-husband placed a GPS tracker on her car so he could follow her movements following their split earlier this year.

Man puts off Ex-wife 's boyfriend's Pen!s

Police sources said everything was pointing to the alleged killer breaking into the property his ex and her new partner were renting after tracking them down, and acting out of jealousy following his failure to simply accept the end of his marriage and his former wife’s new relationship.

On the day he attacked, Fidalgo had his ex-wife ’s hands tied behind her back with electric cables. He then made her watch as he mutilated her boyfriend’s genitals for about six hours with weapons including knives and another described as a Japanese sword referred to as a katana.

Police were alerted after the alleged killer left the property and his ex, who needed hospital treatment for shock and injuries caused by the ties around her wrists and legs, managed to alert the authorities.

He is understood to have fled the scene of the crime in his ex-wife ’s jeep before deliberately crashing it near the property and switching to a black BMW 740 he owned which was found near the bridge.

His body was found around 10am on Wednesday August 19, by coastguards participating in the search together with police.

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Nigerian man breaks down in tears as his girlfriend rejects his proposal in public (video)

 A video of a man crying by the side of a busy road after his girlfriend turned down his proposal in public, has gone viral.

Man crying |

In the video, the man is seen going down on one knee to ask the lady to marry him. The lady didn’t seem pleased and she walked away.

Man crying |

Meet Sudanese Latuka tribe where women are kidnapped before marriage

The man starts crying at this point and goes after the lady then kneels again.

Watch the video below;

Cc: made4naija

Nigerian Pastor Jousha Orumgbe raises dead woman back to life


A Nigerian Pastor popularly known as Apostle Jousha Orumgbe has stimulated controversy after a video of him raising a ‘dead woman’ who was brought to his church, back to life went vial.

Apostle Jousha Orumgbe |
A woman was spotted in a casket with whitish substance on her face as the Pastor prayed. Some members of the church were also spotted singing in the background before the woman who was being prayed for, leaped out of the casket.

I Used The Pastor For Ritual After He Came Seeking For Spiritual Powers- Herbalist

This has stimulated an argument on the web as many tagged the act as “fake miracle”.
Watch the video below;



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Police arrests driver and owner of the container that crushed FAAN employees to death in Lagos state


The Lagos state police command has arrested the owner and driver of the container that crushed a vehicle, resulting in the death of two employees of the Federal Aviation Authority of Nigeria ( FAAN ).
The deceased, Chidinma Njoku and Chima Nnaekpe were on their way home from work on July 26 when tragedy struck. They boarded a commercial bus to convey them to their destination. Unfortunately, the truck driver lost control and the container fell on their vehicle.

Chidinma and her FAAN colleague died on the spot and their corpses were deposited at the Yaba mortuary.

Three other passengers were seriously injured and rushed to the general Hospital at Isolo. Daniel Okwoje, the driver of the commercial bus died shortly after in the hospital.

At a press conference in the Lagos state police command head quarters in Ikeja held today August 18, CP Hakeem Odumosu, the State police commissioner revealed that the truck driver, Okanlawon Sodiq was arrested on August 7 by a team of detectives from Ilasanmanja division.

CP Odumosu said the truck owner, Wasiu Lekan, was also arrested for operating an unlashed container.

He said the suspects are going to be duly prosecuted.

The Commissioner of Police warned operators of containers against flouting safety rules especially lashing their containers, otherwise they’re going to face the full wrath of the law.

Cc: Guardian

Hausa singer sentenced to death by hanging for blasphemy

A lot of Nigerians are still reeling over the news that a Kano Upper Shari’a Court handed a death sentence to a 22-year-old singer for blaspheming against Prophet Muhammad.

Sometime in March, it had been reported that some youths in Kano state stormed the Kano Hisbah office and demanded that action be taken against one Yahaya Sharif-Aminu for a song he composed, containing alleged derogatory comments attributed to the Prophet Muhammad.

The youths warned that they’re going to take laws into their hands if action was not taken. before their protest, the youths on Friday, February 28, stormed the family house of the singer located at Sharifai quarters in Kano Municipal local government Area, prompting them to escape their home.

The house was then set on fire by irate youths.

Yahaya has now been sentenced to death by hanging for the song. The presiding judge Khadi Aliyu Kani gave the guilty verdict on Monday, August 10, 2020.

The court also sentenced a man Umar Farouq of Sharada quarters in Kano metropolis to 10 years imprisonment for creating “derogatory statements concerning the Almighty Allah during a public argument.”