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Lady dumps her boyfriend at a club to follow Singer , Bella Shmurda(video)

  • Lady Allegedly Dumps Boyfriend At A Club To Follow Singer, Bella Shmurda To A Hotel 

Lady dumps boyfriend for Bella Shmurda

A Nigerian lady allegedly dumped her boyfriend at the club, to follow fast rising Nigerian singer, Bella Shmurda to his hotel room.

According to another lady who claimed to be an eye witness, in a WhatsApp conversation stated that the unnamed lady who apparently was a Bella fan, left her boyfriend behind in the club and followed the vision 2020 crooner after he entered the club.

However, a trending video shows the alleged lady having some good and intimate moments with Bella Shmurda in the hotel room.


The year 2020 seem to be a good year for the fast rising Nigerian singer.

Bella Shmurda whose full name is Ahmed Abiola Akinbiyi has featured Olamide, Davido amongst other Nigeria top artiste.


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Lady narrates how motivational speaker slept with 16 of his mentees

  • Lady narrates how motivational speaker slept with 16 ladies he mentor in the same WhatsApp group

Motivational speaker slept with 16 ladies

A Nigerian Lady, simply identified as Peesee, has narrated how a motivational speaker tricked 16 of his mentees into sleeping with him.

According to the lady who shared the story on Twitter, the man lured the women via social media along with his eloquence, intellectual talks, wealth and accomplishments.


Elozonam debunks rumors that he slept with another man’s wife.


She shared how the Motivational speaker, who she esteemed as her mentor, wanted to play a similar game on her but blatantly failed because she has a boyfriend.

Read her full post below,

As a young girl glued to her screen while growing up. I listened to this young man a Nigerian who studied abroad. He spoke so eloquently, so passionate about wanting to develop and contribute to Nigeria. I was so happy to be a Nigerian seeing him fly around the world to meet dignitaries like the Queen of England, The Pope, International business men and the likes. I would join his live on Instagram and listen to his shot messages and it gave my spirit a lift anytime I was giving up on my dreams.

I really liked him as mentor and he discovered I was always the first set to come online to contribute to his classes and I was added to a group chat of Intellectuals. See me priding. Time to time he will send things for me to study and trust me way like book, I will do so

It kept on for a while until I relocated to Lagos. Right before now he notified us he wanted to contest for a particular position in the state and people rallied around him because they were ready to support him. Na so the man begin show real colour

As election no favour am, they give him another position in the state and he needed ideas on how to move in his new office of appointment and he needed crazy deep thinkers to work with. He invited some of the intellectuals but with my kinda work I couldn’t attend.

I reached out to him to inform him I won’t be able to make it so he said I could come around when I was free to go through what they were able to develop and I could add a thing or two. So I looked forward to my off day and opened my mind to idea creation and development.
I stood up to leave after collecting my phone. He stood us and wanted to touch me. Telling me there is no point going home that day. I spinned my knife sharply. That he has an executive room in one of the most beautiful hotels in Lagos. That we could spend the night there

Werey still get mouth. I told him to sit down. He had no choice when he saw pepper spray, he said he has asthma. I told him then cooperate. I was still wondering how alot of ladies would have falling victim of this man.

I just left after being speechless. Nothing could drop from my mouth

I waited for my uber to come pick me and I left for home. He started calling. Begging that he knows I was disappointed but I shouldn’t blame him. That I was a ine lady and that he is very careful of ladies he relates with. Omo I didn’t know when I shouted shutthefuckup

Even the uber driver self fear

I Inded the call. While on my trip home I was really worried because poverty rate in Nigeria has made this people think they can use sweet words to tell advantage of young girls who look up to them

immediately I looked at the group of Intellectuals. Only to discover they were all female

I sat up again and I became very very confused 15 young ladies

Are you thinking what I’m thinking

I decided to become an active member of the group because I had an aim. What was going on with this women? Is this situation only happening to me or have this girls gone through the same thing. I was very very scared but trust me I as willing to kno more

Sincerely most of them are very very intelligent, beautiful and ladies that can easily intimidate you with the kind of intelligence and choice of words. The kind of ladies that will sweep you off your feet because of who sound they are. But most have bee at one point in their lives been seriously hurt by men, they have been used, lied to and told they were too smart to be gfs or wives.

I became friends with them by telling them how beautiful they were, I discovered they fell for words and I knew something more was happening. They all went to dinners with this man as idea Assistant.I was curious to ask how the night turned out after the even but none of them wanted to talk about it.

I asked that we meet the wife and be friends with her but they all refused I smiled because yes they were already in love with a married man and didn’t want to be close to his wife

One day we had a disagreement in the group and some of them started calling themselves names. it was evident some of them knew they were sharing the man. But they didn’t want to miss out of the goodies. I even got to know one was married. And she was still that close to him.

The Motivational speaker kept calling me regularly to beg I forgive him and when the fight in the group stated he needed someone to talk to. He claimed he needed help. Me I’m not interested in helping because that could be an opportunity to do his evil ways

I told him to look elsewhere. The group scattered when I showed them his chat. Calling them easy women

They felt hurt and started leaving the group. He saw what I did and called me to vent. Werey didn’t know the girls were with me. They told him they’re coming for him

If 16 ladies plan for you it takes the grace of God for you to escape it. Little did I know they were others before I joined the group

They reached out to others, some married, some single working class ladies, some children of his bosses in politics, one who lost her womb to abortion

When I heard their stories I went speechless. They traced the motivational speaker ‘s wife only to find out madam knew her husband wasn’t faithful an that as payback none two of his kids were that of her lover

. Oga got to know when this girls visited him to tell his wife about him.

She told him cheating can be done by all gender. You played me for 10years thinking you’re smart. I played you for 7 years successfully having you raise someone’s children.

Na so party scatter. My girls are now free from a mentor who took advantage of them. His home is on fire. The girls whose parents brought him into politics are out for him. They don’t want to be called out but they gave consent to me writing this.

Not everyone who speaks goog English, writes well, talks eloquently and stands for something good is a mentor. Some mentorship should never get physical. It should be penpal standards

Arm your self with discipline so sugar coated mentors don’t lead you to destruction. Don’t pick the fast way to success. It may be your greatest mistake



Ultimate Love’s Kachi Calls off Wedding with Co Winner Rosie,Breaks up with her

Ultimate Love’s Rosie confirms Kachi called off their wedding and broke up with herUltimate Love 's Kachi and Rosie

Co-winner of the first edition of Ultimate Love TV program, Rosemary Afuwape, better referred to as Rosie has taken to social media to pour out her heart after learning of her lover, Kachi’s intention to leave her for another woman.

The winners’ relationship had been initially reported to have hit rock bottom following squabbles over issues personal to them. Rosie has now confirmed that Kachi told her of his desire to call off their much anticipated wedding.

The reality TV star claims she is ever ready for the breakup because it may be good for her mental health and also make way for the right man to come her way and give her and her son the perfect love and affection.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Rosie penned her position on the matter.

She wrote;

“He has changed and that is why took my stand based on such change. Besides he had started announcing to people wedding was off even before I approached Multichoice. All I did was to help him make it official.

“He has shown me the way he loves me and l am grateful but I won’t and no longer would like to be treated in such manner, let him go and treat whichever lady like that, more than how can someone you love do that to you? and that is just out of the many things I had to endure.

“I need a real man to love me genuinely, more than that’s not just even about me but Jeremy. I cannot make my son go thru half of what I have gone thru, naaaaaaaa. in this lite I have been thru a lot to continue going thru what l went thru would mean I don’t love myself or my son to give him someone that would be a great model to him and not one that is flippant at every slight provocation, behaving like a woman and wants to show me he is a man in a wrong way.

“It is out of respect I decline and step out for another to step in and be with him and give him all that he wants and more but as for me, naaaaaa, Kachi is too good for me, I don’t deserve him, I pray he gets one that would dance to every of his tunes, love that, kachi has spoilt my name publicly, and demands.

“I won’t do that, i am a simple girl that only desires for a man to love me and not love in their definition but to be passionate about me, when you talk he says what about him, is always about him, him, naaaaaa and more than that, Iowe it to Jeremy to give him a great model that would raise him in the fear of God.

“Mind you fear of God is not been born again or knowing the things of God, NO, fear of God is reverence for God…that because I fear and honour God there are certain things I cannot just do normally to a fellow man.”

”We are not a collection of angels but we are doing our best” – Nigerian Police

  • We are not a collection of angels but we are doing our best” – Nigerian Police

Nigerian Police

In the wake of the #EndSars protest, a movement to an end to police brutality and also a commencement of police reform, the Nigerian Police have seemingly sent a message of hope to the general public.

The message from the force public relations department was shared to their official Twitter page

The message read ;

We are not a collection of angels but we do our best to serve you better.

The peaceful #ENDSARS protests apparently yielded some positive results but it had been sadly hijacked by hoodlums who used the chance to loot and destroy.

Normalcy is gradually returning to some major cities and it seems a brand new reality is on the horizon.


NBC fines AIT, Arise, Channels TV over coverage of #EndSARS protest

  • NBC fines AIT, Arise, Channels TV over coverage of #EndSARS protest

The National Broadcasting Commission has fined the Africa Independent Television, Arise and Channels TV, over coverage of the #EndSARS protest.

The commission tagged the coverage of #EndSARS related matters by AIT, ARISE and Channels Tv as “unprofessional coverage”.

NBC Acting Director-General, Prof. Armstrong Idachaba, made this announcement at a press conference in Abuja on Monday, October 26th.

Recall that the commission had earlier warned all broadcasting stations against reporting the #EndSARS protests in a manner that might embarrass the government or private individuals or cause disaffection, incite to panic or rift within the society.

#EndSARS : Barbadian Singer Rihanna joins Protest

  • ”I can’t bare to see this torture and brutalization” – Rihanna says as she joins #EndSARS Protest

Rihanna joins #EndSARS Protest

Popular American R&B singer, Rihanna joins protest against SARS  sharing her thoughts on the ongoing unrest happening in Nigeria as the citizens face a tensed moment in their fight to end Police Brutality.


Remember the Lady who was ostracized by her family,she’s now Rihanna’s aid


According to Rihanna, she can’t bare to see the torture and brutalization that is happening .

The post she shared reads ;

”I can’t bare to see this torture and brutalization that is continuing to affect nations across our planet!

It’s such a betrayal to the citizens, the very people put in place to protect are the ones we are most afraid of being murdered by!

My heart is broken for Nigeria Man!! it is unbearable to watch. I’m so proud of your strength and not letting up on the fight for what’s right! #ENDSARS”


”Those inmates in Benin were illegally released by authorities” – Tacha

  • Those inmates in Benin were illegally released by authorities” – Tacha

Tacha |

There was a jailbreak at the Oko Prison in Benin City, Edo state on Monday morning, October 19.Ex BBNaija reality TV Star Tacha has reacted to this incident.

According to reports, suspected thugs hijacked the peaceful ENDSARS protest, stormed the prison facility, and set the prisoners free.


Nigerians slam Tacha over heavy makeup


Reacting to this, Tacha wrote ;

Those INMATES in Benin were ILLEGALLY released by authorities!! Just to SABOTAGE THE PEACEFUL PROTEST! we are not fools!!

Other Nigerians also had a similar sentiment. They claimed the thugs who reportedly set the prisoners free were sponsored by the government.


Kiki Mordi trolls D’Banj for using his son’s death to ’emotionally blackmail’ Nigerians

  • Everyday you use your child to emotionally blackmail Nigerians. You’re very scary. – Kiki Mordi blasts D’banj

Kiki Mordi trolls D'Banj

Nigerian investigative journalist, Kiki Mordi has slammed Deji Banjo, known better with stage name, D’Banj for always bringing the death of his son into every conversation.

D’Banj lost his son, Daniel, to a tragic domestic accident at his residence in Lagos on June 25th, 2018. The 13-month-old boy was playing around the indoor swimming pool when he fell in and drowned.


Glee Hotels denies having Dbanj’s rape victim in 2018


In the light of the ongoing #EndSARS protest, Davido shared a sympathetic message to those that have lost loved ones to police brutality. according to him, he understands their pain because he has been there.

He wrote,

“I know what it means to be in pain,to lose a child and a loved i know the pain my brothers and sisters are going through and my heart is heavy . I pray God grants us the healing and restoration we so deeply need in our country and that our light can once again shine.”

Kiki Mordi, who wasn’t having none of that, condemned him for using his son’s death to ’emotionally blackmail’ Nigerians.

She wrote,

Everyday you use your child to emotionally blackmail Nigerians. You’re very scary.” Kiki Mordi trolls D'Banj

Twitter users have criticized her for being insensitive and rude.


TrikyTee demands 500K to join #ENDSARS Protest

  • TrikyTee demands 500k  to  join the #EndSARS protest in Bayelsa

TrikyTee demand 500K to join Protest

Ex-Big Brother Naija housemate of the recently ended season 5 lockdown edition, Trikytee demands 500K to be a part of the ongoing EndSARS protests on ground.

Nigerian Rapper Payper Corleone took to his twitter page to make the accusation that the BBN Star , TrikyTee demanded the sum of Five hundred Thousand Naira ( N500,000)  to come join the protest in Bayelsa where he’s from though currently in Lagos.

TrikyTee has been evicted from the #BBNaija house

Payper threatened that the people would handle Triky if he ever came back as they’d do worse than SARS would have done to him. Trikytee is yet to respond to the allegation.

Payper wrote:

Let it be known that this Fuck Nigga @iam_trickytee asked that Bayelsans pay him #500K before he becomes a part of the #EndSARS protest…. just imagine the FUCKERY!! If we catch you for the town, you go wish say na SARS catch you.L

Timmy Sinclair popularly known as TrikyTee was the fifth housemate of Big Brother Naija lockdown season five. He is a 35-year-old creative artist and Lagos resident who hails from Bayelsa State, Nigeria. Tricky Tee as he’s also known considers himself a storyteller who uses the mediums of film, and music to precise himself.

During the show he said one of the things he did daily was push ups thanks to lockdown.

TrikyTee’s biggest achievement was winning the best director at the NYSC cultural and sports festival in Abuja 2013 for the simplest stage drama.


#EndSARS: Protesters raise over N2m for groundnut seller at Lekki toll gate

  • #EndSARS Protesters raise over N2m for Old Woman who is a groundnut seller at Lekki toll gate

Prostesters raise 2M for groundnut seller

A woman who visited Lekki toll gate protest ground in Lagos state to sell groundnuts for protesters, has received over N2million donations from well meaning Nigerians.

The protesters, on seeing her at the protest ground, were moved to compassion which prompted them to raise money for her to live a much better life.

The groundnut seller’s account details was shared online and Nigerians, including concerned celebrities, donating money to her account.

At first, it was announced that she had received donations to the tune of N500,000. See tweet below;


Over N500,000 (FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND NAIRA) was raised for this old woman by Nigerian Youths at the Lekki Toll Gate #ReformPoliceNG Protest ground.

thanks a lot for the hefty donation

But a recent update, confirms that the amount has gone up to a whooping N2.3million. See below;



The woman who simply went to sell her groundnut couldn’t hide her tears when she received the amazing news.

#EndSARS: “Be stupid on your own, I’m not posting” – Bauchi Governor’s daughter, Fatimah Zarah Bala blasts those asking her to join the Protest

  • Be stupid on your own, I’m not posting” – Bauchi Governor’s daughter, Zarah Bala Mohammed insults protesters asking her to join the #EndSARS Protest

Bauchi Governor daughter , Fatimah Zarah Bala

The daughter of Bauchi Governor, Fatimah Zarah Bala has slammed people condemning her silence on the ongoing nationwide protest against police brutality.

Woman forgets her baby at #EndSARs Abuja Protes

Fatimah went on a lengthy rant on Instagram as she called out those trying to bully her to post about the protest. She warned them not to spread their negative energy on her, while noting that she has been lending her voice to the movement behind close doors.

The UK university graduate referred anyone who has questions about the protest to her father, as she has zero tolerance to people’s foolishness.

Her post reads,

Nope! Not today! I ma not the one! Not at all. some of you think with your asses! Please if you want to be stupid, be stupid on your own! Dont try to spread your negative energy on me! I ‘m really not the one you want to pick on,”

she wrote.

Do not message me fighting me for not posting the protest. I did, and i dont have to be post to spread awareness or to be concered. If you have an official question to ask my father about the protest kindly dm him but I m not the one you want to drag!! Trust me! I have zero tolerance to people’s foolishness right now!”

“I have been seeing so many of you preaching unity but instead you are out here trying to bully me. So I m not posting. some of us are fighting their own personal battles! And you guys have no idea on how I m raising a voice behind closed doors, so dont come on her and try to rub off negative vibes. Have a good day.

Zara also shared a screenshot of her chat with a friend who questioned her silence as the Governor’s daughter.

The friend, who she has known since 2008, accused her of seating back and enjoying public funds.

In reaction, she wrote,

That is why I keep my circle very small! But people must took for you and force some sort of drama. I ma not about to let anyone add to my lemons I m already trying to squeeze! Your friends are not really your friends! be careful guys.”

See the screenshots below;

Jackie Appiah ’s handsome son causes stir on the internet

  • Photo of Jackie Appiah’s handsome son causes stir on the internet

Jackie Appiah son Damien Peter Agyemang

A photo of popular Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah ’s 15-year-old son has hit the internet and has caused a stir from social media users.

Jackie Appiah

Jackie Appiah’s son, Damien Peter Agyemang is the only child from her failed marriage to Peter Agyemang.


Rosemond Alade goes nude for her son’s seventh birthday


Damien turned 15 on October 13th and the actress’s manager, Samira Yakubu, shared his photo on Instagram with captivating words to celebrate his new age.

She wrote,

Damien at 15, you’ve now reached the junction of childhood and maturity. May the blessings of the Lord be bestowed upon you. May this special birthday give you more wisdom and knowledge! I hope that one day you will become a great a great man. May Almighty God fulfills all your dreams.
Happy birthday to my very special teen!, my little boy turn handsome man. We are so proud of you and we love you. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @damien._himself .

Netizens have expressed shock and disbelief that the actress, Jackie Appiah has a full grown son, while others are mesmerized by his handsomeness.


#EndSARS :VP Yemi Osinbajo addresses Protesters

Yemi Osinbajo ,the Vice President has come out to address Nigerian citizens over the ongoing #EndSARS protest with a series of tweets on Twitter.

Yemi Osinbajo  Protesters

He wrote

Over the past week, we have been following the protests, and I have had a number of discussions with key people in the administration that you deserve to be informed about. Transparency, after all, is a key tenet of government.
Several meetings have been held with: the
@SPLawan,@femigbaja,the Chief of Staff to @MuhammaduBuhari, Chairman of the @PoliceServiceC2, the IG of @PoliceNG
(IGP), the Executive Secretary of
@NHRCNigeria , and governors.

We understand that you want to see action from us and I’m here to tell you that work is ongoing. I chaired a meeting of 36 state governors and the Minister of the FCT (NEC), where we resolved to set up judicial panels of inquiry so we can see justice served, and fast.
The reason being that only state governors, by law, can set up judicial inquiries in their states. The hearings will be public.
With Mr. President’s approval, SARS has been completely disestablished, and none of its former members will feature in any police tactical units.
I am sending my deepest condolences to the families of Jimoh Isiaq, and all those who have lost their lives at the hands of wayward police officers. To those injured, I wish a full and speedy recovery.

Kiki Osinbajo owns a N800m property in Abuja?

We have proposed that each state government set up a Victims’ Support Fund, which @NigeriaGov will support. This is the least that we can do to compensate for the injustice suffered at the hands of errant officers.

We also understand that the issues that you’re raising are bigger than just SARS. They’re deep and systemic and we’re undertaking comprehensive measures that will revamp the police by addressing issues of welfare, service conditions and training.
On Monday, Mr. President also reiterated his commitment to these extensive police reforms.
We will continue to update and engage with you all on these action steps and the ones to come, in the spirit of transparency, so that you can hold us accountable. We are, after all, here to serve you and we owe you a duty to win back your trust.

Keep safe. God bless you. –
Prof Yemi Osinbajo

@MBuhari @DrAhmadLawan

Cc:bbc , pulse

#EndSARS protesters generates over N77 million in a week

  • #EndSARS protesters gets over N77 million fund in a week

The fundraising coordinators for the #endsars protest, feminist coalition, has launched a development document which incorporates the overall quantity raised and spent at the protest.

During the last week, peaceful protest against police brutality and killings has been ongoing nationwide by way of the nigerian youths.
The feminist coalition have correctly treated the fundraising centered at sustaining the non violent protest by way of presenting food, water, mask,Medical resource, and criminal resource for protesters.


Ex miss Universe Malaysia 2017, calls protesters foolish people


Funds had been raised thru voluntary donations by way of Nigerians global.

For transparency motives, the group launched a complete report of the budget displaying the amount obtained and disbursed across 25 states in nigeria.


Woman forgets her child at the #EndSARS protest in Abuja

  • Woman forgets her child at the #EndSARS protest in Abuja

Amidst the continued protest towards police brutality and additional judicial killings in different parts of Nigeria, a woman reportedly forgot her infant on the #EndSARS protest venue in Abuja.
It was learnt that when the woman was contacted via way of means of the medical group to return back pick up her child, she told group to nevertheless keep the baby as she wouldn’t be able to come for her till the following day.

A Twitter user, @MrOdanz sharing the story, expressed his surprise at why a mother would forget her child and leave her with strangers.

He tweeted,
A woman abandoned her little girl with the medical team at the Abuja protest today and disappeared. The team was finally able to reach her by phone so she can come pick up her “missing” girl. She said she will pick up her daughter tomorrow. Strangers can keep her for the night.

Update: She finally came to pick up the baby after they swore for her. Because that is a weyrey behaviour. This woman left that girl for hours. I was there when she was first picked and she was with the medical group for hours. They were even using the ambulance to make announcements.


Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey supports #EndSARS protest

  • Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey shows support for #EndSARS protest

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey has shown his support for the ongoing #EndSARS protest, in opposition to police brutality and additional judicial killings in Nigeria.

The American technology entrepreneur, who joins the growing listing of international personalities to support the clamor in opposition to the misdoings of the notorious police unit, in his tweet aid donations to the cause, from exceptional parts of the world.

Jack enjoined all concerned to make donations through Bitcoin to support the patriotic Nigerian youths.

In his words,
Donate via #Bitcoin to help #EndSARS”

#EndSARS is a social motion in Nigeria that commenced on Twitter calling for banning of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, a unit of the Nigerian police force.

However, the relentless attempt of the protesters brought about the disbandment of SARS by the Inspector General of Police on Sunday, however Nigerians have endured the EndSARS protest in distinct elements of the country, in spite of the introduced disbandment.
Meanwhile, the IGP, Mohammed Adamu, has set up a brand new Police outfit to take over from the disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the Nigerian Police Force.

The new unit might be known as Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team and will fill the gaps springing up from the dissolution of the defunct SARS.

The new police unit has once more stirred controversy, with many Nigerians calling for the immediate dissolution.

[Music] Chiblizy – Stop Police Brutality

  • Download Stop Police Brutality by Chiblizy

Stop Police Brutality by Chiblizy

Base on the recent dispute and the lawlessness, brutality of the police and political crime in the country , Nigeria.

A young talented rap artist ,Chiblizy from the city of port harcourt has decided to voice out compassionately on the ongoing political crimes in his country Nigeria.

Listen and Download Stop Police Brutality by Chiblizy below ;

#EndSARS: Rapper, Yung6ix leads protest in Los Angeles , US

  • Rapper, Yung6ix leads #EndSARS protest in US

Yung6ix #EndSARS Protest

Rapper, Yung6ix who is currently in Los angeles, US has taken it upon himself to lead Nigerians during a peaceful protest against police brutality.
The rapper and a few other Nigerians took to the streets of l. a. on Friday October 9, to protest against police brutality and demanded the disbandment of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in the country.

Drake joins the #EndSARS campaign

The rapper, who was joined by a couple of friends for the peaceful demonstration promised to lead another protest next week if the situation in the country doesn’t change.

Taking to his Intagram page the rapper wrote;

Took to the streets of los angeles yesterday, if the situation doesn’t Change we will march the streets of los angeles again next week. We must be a part of the change we wish to see in our economy #endsars #stoppolicebrutality #blm 🇳🇬

See more photos below.