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Leonel Tchaps, a Cameroon guy runs mad after failed ritual

The young man who goes by the name Leonel Tchaps,  is in his early 20’s. He is from Cameroon.

Before now, Leonel Tchaps was known for living a lavish lifestyle.

According to our information source, Leonel visited a supermarket and purchased goods worth 500,000 FCFA and was eager to leave without going with what he bought.

Tchaps attention was called to by the vendor but Leonel asked that he keep it for himself, being curious and confused, the vendor rejected the offer.

While the conversation was happening , a security personnel who was observing then approached and asked what was happening.

The seller narrated the story which Leonel confirmed to be true and insisted the vendor keeps the products .
Again, the security personnel ordered Leonel to acquire his stuffs and leave but he refused which is when the entire thing started. Leonel was beaten while he was also ordered to strip completely n*ked.

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Leonel Tchap’s Girlfriend has disclaimed information circulating online concerning the 22 years old Cameroonian Scammer to be false.

Story Of A Mad Couple Married For 22 Years With 3 Children

The girlfriend of Leonel Tchaps, the 22 years old Cameroonian Scammer who allegedly ran mad in Yaounde has begin to disclaim information circulating online about her guy.

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She claims her baby is innocent which people just want to sabotage his name because he dresses good. She added that, she is going to protect her guys image.

Leonel Tchaps girlfriend | www.exoticempire.com.ng

As if that wasn’t enough, She concluded, her guy isn’t a ritualist nor in any cult which , if anyone thinks her guy is one, the person should prove it with concrete evidence.

See the viral video of Leonel Tchaps circulating the internet 

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