Bobrisky appears as a man at his father’s birthday (Video)

Bobrisky  is not only “Nigeria’s  Barbie doll” however also a “Nigerian male” when she went to celebrate her dad’s birthday at his home in Lagos on Monday, fifteenth June, 2020.

Bobrisky abandoned his feminine look,  no costly trim wigs, no substantial makeup or garish cleavages when he went to amaze his dad on his birthday in his home.


The disputable socialite is seen wearing a Jamalia and a face top while taking snaps with visitors at his father’s birthday celebration which has left many individuals shocked.

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Individuals are shocked that the womanly is obviously an entire diverse individual from his standard female self with regards to his family.

Seeing the video, a few people have said that the socialite looks way preferred along these lines over what he as a rule depicts himself to be on his internet based life pages.

Watch the video below that has since shocked a great deal of his fans and followers

Cc: Instablog

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