#BBNaija: Meet 4 housemates that are millionaires already

Praise Erica Laycon Nengi

Big Brother Naija is among the top trending reality TV shows making people millionaires across Africa today.
As soon as season 5 began a couple of months back, it already started dominating headlines and trends on social media.

The housemates are quite interesting and loved by thousands of viewers world wide.
Although the goal of the show is to emerge as the winner at the end of the season and walk away with ₦85 Million, that’s no all that is up for grabs.
The housemates even have the chance to compete in weekly sponsored tasks during which they are rewarded with money and other freebies.

Big brother encompasses a lot of sponsors like Pepsi, Oppo, Indomie, Travel Beta, and so much more so you’ll be able to expect that there are a great deal of tasks for the housemates to compete in and become millionaires .

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Who Has the most Wins?
A couple of weeks have gone during this season and the housemates have already contested in a lot of sponsored tasks during which winners have emerged. Who do you think has won the most tasks and therefore the most money so far?.

 Arena games and Head of house games have been excluded. The tasks below were team tasks and therefore the winning team got a particular amount of cash . I actually have divided it and have given each housemate their share below.

Here are the housemates who have won the most sponsored tasks so far and have become millionaires;

4: Praise

Praise BBNaija | www.exoticempire.com.ng

Praise is one amongst the comedic housemates in the house. He always makes people laugh but when it comes to tasks, he doesn’t mess around.

Praise has won a great deal up to now and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down. His competitive spirit is top notch.
Here are the sponsored tasks Praise has won so far:

✓ Oppo – ₦500,000 + Free Oppo Phone.

✓ Guiness – ₦125,000.

✓ Tom Tom – ₦250,000.

✓ Hawaii – ₦400,000.

✓ Patricia – $500 (₦193,269).

✓ TOTAL- Praise has won about ₦1.4 Million.

3: Erica

Erica BBNaija | www.exoticempire.com.ng

Erica is alleged to be one amongst the highest contenders this season and she is steadily representing by doing well in the tasks.

Erica has competed actively in a lot of sponsored tasks and thus has won a great deal of cash up to now.
Here are the sponsored tasks she has got to her name:

✓ Dulux – ₦222,000.

✓ Oppo – ₦500,000 + Free Oppo Phone.

✓ Guiness – ₦250,000.

✓ Tom Tom – ₦250,000.

✓ Patricia – $500 (₦193,260).

✓ TOTAL: Erica has won about ₦1.4 Million.

2: Laycon

Laycon BBNaija | www.exoticempire.com.ng

Laycon is another housemate who has much love from BBNaija fans. he is very competitive when talking about tasks like these.

Laycon is a talented singer and music prodigy. He has used his musical prowess to bag a handful of sponsored tasks and some money in his bank account.
Here are the sponsored tasks Laycon has won:

✓ Guiness – ₦250,000.

✓ Patricia – $500 (193,260).

✓ Travel Beta – ₦250,000.

✓ Airtel – ₦500,000 (Donated to Charity).

✓ Hawaii – ₦400,000.

✓ Tom Tom – ₦250,000.

✓ TOTAL – LAYCON has won about ₦1.8 Million.

1: Nengi

Nengi BBNaija | www.exoticempire.com.ng

Nengi is another top contender during this season and she is the most prolific housemate when it involves sponsored tasks.

Fans always appreciate her competitive spirit as she is among the most competitive Housemates. In physical tasks, she even does better than a number of the guys.
Here are the sponsored tasks Nengi has won up to now and also the money she got:

✓ Dulux – ₦222,000.

✓ Guiness – 125,000.

✓ Hawaii – ₦400,000.

✓ Airtel – ₦500,000 (Donated to Charity).

✓ Patricia – $500(₦193,260).

✓ Travel Beta – ₦250,000 + Free Trip To Abuja.

✓ TOTAL – Nengi has won about ₦1.9 Million.

As you can see, there more in BBNaija for the housemates than simply the grand prize. These guys are already millionaires and they have just spent a month in the house.

These competitions make things a great deal more interesting for them and makes them even more competitive on their way to becoming millionaires .


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