Angela Nwosu called out after blue eye bracelet fails to work

A Nigerian woman recognized as Ukoha Esther Kasarachi has called out famous Facebook influencer, Angela Nwosu after a blue eye bracelet she purchased from her, failed to work.

Angela Nwosu blue eye bracelet |

Ukoha Esther Kasarachi Esther said she quit going to chapel, quit asking since she accepted that a blue eye bracelet and other interest things would be the last answer for her concern not knowing she “oppressed herself to mental servitude.”

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Esther’s post reads;

“If it’s not too much trouble READ!VERY IMPORTANT.

I ukoha Esther kasarachi freely decry ANGELA NWOSU and any person or thing that has anything to do with her.

I’ve been uninformed these past year,my life has gone in a new direction.

I’ve quit going to church,stopped asking.

Accepting that one blue eyes wristband or any fixation thing would be the last answer for my problem,not realizing I oppressed myself to mental subjection.

I began following this lady since last year,I was a devoted fan..

I would handle any individual who says anything regarding her,her the two records and page were on my “see first”

My best friend Hrm Sandra Eche has talked and rambled of times,advised me to leave this woman,I no gree.she said I have a shinning star and following this lady may mess with the undeniable karma I have,i state for where?

My close friend uju Hadassah Uju talked and talked ,I said nothing can isolate me and angela.

Some of my friends got terrified of me..

I began rehearsing stuffs I know nothing about.

I began squandering strength,time and vitality.

I was saving 30k to use and purchase bracelet

I was saving another 50k for cleansing.

It just occurred to me that this lady is utilizing us to work together.

Before all that she did was directly in my eyes till when one of my companions favor that purchased this blue eyes 3 times,testified that its scam.I began being cautious till I went over zobba zanne Zeus(search this name now and read make your eyes open)

Furthermore, it dawened on me that I have been in darkness since.

I likewise had one exceptionally startling dream about her,I hurried to her inbox… this lady read and ignored. 

E plenty ,I can’t recall every one of them now

I began having relationship issues..

Financial issues..

She has utilized giveaways to secure people groups karma and fates.

Approach yourself her job that she gives out such cash?

In the event that you ain’t talking cash in her inbox… she no Dey answer you.

She sells bracelets,


Also, she said she’s revealing oil

Just for what?for great luck?so the natural luck no do us once more..

I say thanks to God for this acknowledgment.

I am rarely returning.

This is an open admission

May God excuse me for putting a unimportant wristband above him.

I live in owerri,presicely,I would acknowledge any individual who might assist me with going to chapel somewhere around each Sunday.I don’t go to chapel for the most part since I was manhandled by ministers however I need to attempt once more.”

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