“All he talks about is s*x” Erica ends relationship with Kiddwaya

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Big Brother Naija ‘lockdown’ housemate, Erica, appears to have ended her romance with fellow housemate, Kiddwaya.

Erica and Kiddwaya

In a discussion with Trikytee and Prince, Erica blasted Kiddwaya, calling him a spoiled brat.

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She said she deserves more and she is tired of his sex talks.

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In her words ;
Have a nice life. after all I had to say, he had nothing to say. That’s disrespectful. I’m tired of all the sex talk, i would like more. Few options make him feel like he can do what he wants, like a spoiled brat. I’m bored, all he brings to the table is ”I”ll kiss your neck”, it has become boring.. No message is a message so I have gotten the message, i’m not stupid, i know i deserve more.. outside this house, i want him, he doesn’t want me but life goes on. right now i am all about my career.

Some days ago Kiddwaya warned his love interest Erica that loving a guy like him is risky.
Kidd and Erica are the most talked couple up the street of social media as a result of their relationship and public display of affection (PDAs).
In the early hours of Friday, August 28, the lovers were all cuddled up and having one amongst their intimate conversations.
According to the billionaire’s son, loving someone like him is risky because he is a really busy person and might not have time for her.
Kidd said, “I just think loving a guy like me is a bit so risky.”
Erica then asked him to explain what he meant, Kiddwaya replied and said “I’m all over the place.”
To this, Erica told Kidd that she would also be busy as she has her own life also, but her love is based on trust.
She said, “I’ll be busy too. I have my own life. you have yours. I can only love you if I trust you,”
Kidd then asked her if she trusted him, Erica simply replied “No.”
“Then you don’t love me. i want you to do what you want,” Kidd responded
Erica replied and said she was afraid to love Kidd as she feels that she won’t be loved in return which might be very painful. Kiddwaya said that that his love cycle was slower than that of Erica’s as he has never truly loved before.
Erica performed a psychoanalysis of Kidd and said he was capable of loving so much but had deliberately shut off that part of his life.

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