65-years-old Mbah Gambreng weds her 24-years-old son


A 65-years-old grandma with the name, Mbah Gambreng and her received child, Ardi Waras purportedly got married in South Sumatra, Indonesia and photographs from the function has been coursing on the web.

As indicated by reports,  Mbah Gambreng received her child, presently her husband Ardi, a year ago and they’ve been living respectively from that point forward, in spite of the fact that she guarantees she had no aim of wedding him around then. She said he overwhelmed her by proposing to her.

The couple got married within the sight of the grandma’s three received little girls. She is cited to have said – “amazingly, he said he needed to wed me.”

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Ardi purportedly paid his significant other to-be a settlement of 100,000 IDR (£6) before their wedding function as required in ordinary Islamic weddings in Indonesia, where the man of the hour or lucky man’s dad frequently endowments cash or assets to the lady of the hour as a share.


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