10 Ex-BBNaija Female Housemates you might not recall

Big Brother Naija reality show is one among the largest platform for talented Nigerians to ”sell their market” to the world which can not be over-emphasized.

The reality show is rated-18 and also highly popular among young Nigerians because it’s literally turned many unknown talents into stars.

However, while the show has produced a number of the leading names in Nigeria’s thriving entertainment industry, quite a few them who made the show and back have swung into oblivion.

Below are 10 ex-Big Brother female contestants that you simply must have forgotten ;

1. Marvis Nkpornwi

Marvis was one among the contestants in the 2017 edition themed ”See Gobe”. She captured the eye of the audience and therefore the winner of the show Efe together with her beauty. She was the tenth finalist but did not manage to get to the final before she was evicted from the show.

2. Mojisola “CoColce” Sowode

Coco Ice is alumni of class ’17 and she was the third participant to be evicted from the big Brother show. The viewers remembered the incredible great thing about the girl not along with her stunning appearance, but with shocking acts when it came to the game of truth or Dare. ”CocoIce” keeps a low social media profile and although she is verified, her engagement is considerably low.

3. Olurishe Deborah Ebun “Debie-Rise” ;

The Kogi-born beauty wowed viewers with her guitar strings and she was tipped to become an enormous star outside the house. However she hasn’t quite hit those heights.
Last year, the gorgeous lady switched to the gospel genre and adjusted her professional name from Debie-Rise to Deborah Rise. according to her, the change of name was, for her, a rebirth of some sort.

4. Princess Onyejekwe

The beautiful Princess had a stint in the Big Brother Naija house (double wahala season) and gained . little bit of fame but the geologist from Enugu state has not been able to gather a cult following like some other ladies from her set.

5. Ify Ejikeme

Ify Ejikeme was a well-liked face in the maiden edition of the Nigerian version of the reality show.

While in the Big Brother House, she had an amorous on-the-screen relationship with the eventual winner, Katung. the connection ended with the complettion of the show. Ify is currently an entrepreneur and is based in New Jersey.

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6. Vanessa “Vandora” Williams

Vandora brought her vibes to the Big Brother Naija house ”Double Wahala” and after inquiring a fake eviction on the first day, survived till she was finally evicted on the 21st day. She has ventured into vlogging and she’s working hard to grow her youtube channel.

7. Sandra ‘Sandy’ Osaigbovo

Sandy finished fourth in the Big Brother Nigeria House. She is now an authorized fitness trainer and Zumba instructor.

She is additionally a Fellow of lnstitute of registered exercise professionals (IREP)

8. Joan Agabi

Joan Agabi was another housemate of the inaugural BBNaija reality show. She’s currently an On-Air Personality with Classic fm 94.3 Abuja.

9. Enkay.

Enkay was a housemate the ‘pepperdem’. She spent just 18 days in the house but she was able to gather cult following and she is currently running her own fashion brand. – The Enkay Clothing

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10. Maureen Osuji.

Maureen was another pioneer housemate and she opted for a career in the corporate world after the big Brother Nigeria experience. She later proceeded to the fashion Retail Academy in London for a degree in Fashion Buying Merchandising.

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